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Do I need a gas pool heater?

Do I need a gas pool heater?


Gas pool heaters were the only pool heating alternative back in the days. They heat fast in a reliable constant way but in some cases are very expensive to run. Today there are many other methods like solar and pool heat pumps. Some customers use both as a hybrid system. When the energy saving choice cannot continue to operate than the gas heater will finish the job. In some cases this is true but in others you can use another pool heating system that costs lower to operate like a pool heat pump.

We like to look at each installation as a unique situation were the geographic location of the pool, your microclimate situation where the pool has been installed and the pool owner’s preferences will all be considered as a whole. In some of this situations a gas pool heater will be the best choice and there are some gas heater brands in the market we will recommend to you.

When deciding between a gas pool heater and a pool heat pump  you cannot compare them in the same way. Gas pool heaters are sized different and require more BTU’s as they lose a lot of BTU’s through the exhaust. Pool Heat pumps will use less BTU’s in their larger models and will give the same result as their higher gas heater BTU counterpart.

If you are in doubt please let us know. We can help you make a decision.

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