Three Phase Geothermal Units in Special Voltage

Three Phase Geothermal Units in Special Voltage

Alternating Current or "Phase" is the way we refer to the timing of electron movements. When the wires are in "phase" it means that the timing of the electron movement is the same back and forth. When we have a three phase system, there will be three circuit conductors carrying three alternating currents with the same frequency, reaching peak values at one third from the cycle from one another. It is in the delay between the three different values that has the effect of giving constant power transfer over each cycle of the current, using less conductor material to transmit electrical power.

Most homes in the USA use single phase and you see some three phase residential use in Europe, but whenever a Three phase installation is needed in a commercial application, there will be a more efficient use of the electricity and significant electrical running savings.

All our Hydro Royal geothermal units are available in 3 phase if needed and different voltage like 277V, 380V, 420V and 460V.

We can also custom made your order in 50 hertz for export.

3 phase Wiring Diagram in PDF File

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