Some things can be measured. Some things are fantasy and illusions. It has been a frustrating day for me today. I had 3 inquiries from one huge state, and all of the cold pool owners were told negative things about pool heat pumps. So today I had to remember my 6th grade math to make it easier to see how to compare different ways of heating. This one state that has made me is responsible for turning me into a Thursday math genius & educator. Only in this state do I hear pool professionals tell pool owners that pool heatpumps, “don’t work here.” These are the same people who go home at night to their houses that are heated and cooled  with heat pumps and never think twice about them. I mean really your refrigerator in your house is a type of heat pump. One pool guy told my customer in San Diego that it was too humid there for a heat pump to work. Humidity of course is a form of heat and great for heat pumps that are heating. Also today one swimming pool contractor in Sacramento said it was too dry there for a swimming pool heat pump to work. I have these same heat pumps making people happy in 3 different deserts from California to Northern Africa, Norway to Alaska, and Canada to Argentina. A few deserted Islands in Fiji and Hawaii too. Just ask Gilligan or the skipper. (We have some in Bolivia and Turkmenistan doing their job where it will be hard to find a service guy) and There are a bunch of Canadian swimming pool heat pump manufacturers that make their heat pumps for Canada who think California with it’s mild climate is perfect for heaters and sometimes pool chillers. Here is some math for the class: Propane has 91,502 Btu’s. 15% goes up the exhaust so what you put in the water is about = 77,777 Btu’s depending on the efficiency of the pool gas heater. If LP is $3.00 a gallon, then you pay $3.00 for that 77,000 Btu’s of heat. If a 143,000 Btu heat pump uses 7 KW at .12 cents a Kilowatt, then you pay about .45 cents for the same Btu’s. There is no loss or wasted heat. You can play with the numbers if propane is less or the KW is more where you live. There was a time when I have a camera on a heat pump in Las Vegas Nevada for a couple of years on the web 24 hours a day every day of the year keeping the pool warm. I have to thank my buddy for that.  Some gas heater manufacturers made those videos required watching for their gas heater engineers in California so that they could also educate pool owners about pool heat pumps when they called in asking for information.  I had a nice elderly lady customer in Stockton or Sacramento who bought one of my heat pumps 20 years ago. She didn’t want a propane tank on her property and it was too expensive to run a natural gas line on the property as it was going to cost her $1,500.00 because the it was a long pipe run to the pool. She begged her pool maintenance company to sell her a pool heat pump. She did all her research and saw the warranties were better for pool heat pumps than gas, and also that swimming pool heat pumps were made with titanium with lifetime heat exchanger warranties and that is what she wanted. They refused to help her and she bought one from me. She didn’t want to do it herself but she called an electrician as that is 95% of the job and then she asked her nephew that was a plumber who was visiting her to glue the two pipes. Took him 15 minutes I think she said. She then heated her pool and was very happy. She kept her pool guy to clean and service the pool and started noticing after a few months that he was bringing strangers to her back yard. She asked what was going on and she found out that her pool guy was using her house as a sales and marketing tool to sell swimming pool heat pumps to other pool owners. She was so mad as he had refused to help her, so she fired him and kicked his butt off her property. Oh and I forgot to mention that 2 of the inquiries that I got today had full house PV panels so were generating lots of free electricity. 2 of these guys would pay almost nothing for pool heat and cooling and still they were told that they should have gas burning by their pool sending almost 20,000 pounds of pollution in the air a year. As Gomer Pyle always said: for shame, for shame, for shame. If he ever would have gotten a pool heat pump he would have said: “Golly Shazam”.
I love free heat. Stay safe out there. All these forest fires are stressing me out.


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