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Please Size my pool for a Heat Pump

Please Size my pool for a Heat Pump


Heat pumps need to be sized correctly before purchasing. In the case of pool heat pumps we will make a selection based on the BTU size of your heat pump. Pool heat pumps are commonly sized by "BTU" and not "Ton" like on your HVAC heat pump unit. We will need to consider certain factors unique to your pool as volume in gallons, air temperature, heat loss area (surface area), pool location, desired water temperature and other preferences when sizing your pool heater.

We have noticed over the years many common mistakes that can occur when choosing the correct size pool heat pump some of these mistakes were not enough heating capacity or a missed opportunity to select special features, like a heat & cool option for chilling a hot pool or for low outside temperature operating in certain colder geographical areas. We don't want to take any chances that you will be disappointed. We only want happy heat pump owners.

The purpose of this heat analysis calculator form is to help you by sizing your heat load and find the right size pool heat pump according to your personal and or family preferences. It is also a great tool to show you the operating costs compared to gas and the payback time for your investment.

Choosing the right size swimming pool heat pump. Swimming pool heat calculator

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