I get calls regularly from Florida pool owners who are looking for a heat pump and they try to buy one from me that someone suggested without doing their research. Some people who sell swimming pool heat pumps only have access to one or two brands. So that is what they recommend regardless if they are a good fit for the homeowner with the pool. There are many good USA made heat pumps in the market. There are quite a few pool heater factories that are in Florida with a great product. There are also some out of state manufacturers that have been around for almost 40 years who have developed a great service network in Florida to take care of their customers. Ask me and I will tell you who they are. There are cheap heat pumps made in China. Some are made in other countries. Some foreign companies have bought big USA brands and now are controlled from Europe. I can tell you who that is. Some USA companies don’t even make their own heaters anymore. You want a heat pump made in a USA factory by a head engineer onsite with a big ego who wants to make sure his heat pumps don’t break and last for a long time. You want to be able to call the factory or the warranty department during the day and not have to stay up until 1 AM to get an engineer. You want a long warranty with high efficiency on a proven heat pump that has the least chance of failure. Being involved with a warm pool should be a fun thing. Like when you invest your money; you want security, good performance and to be able to enjoy if for many years and sleep well at night. You don’t want stress. Why on earth if you live 50 miles from a great factory with factory guys driving factory trucks past your house would you buy a Canadian swimming pool heat pump that has only been around for 3 or 4 years? I will tell you why. Because someone is making good money when they sell it to you. I love my Canadian friends. I play hockey so most of my friends are Canadian or pool contractors. I have sold 100’s of heat pumps to Canada. But I am sure if my Canadian buddies had a pool heater factory in their back yard they would have bought a Canadian pool heater with a long local Canadian warranty. I am happy that Canada is so huge and spread out so that didn’t happen that much though. 🙂 Not may heat pump manufacturers in Western Canada thankfully. So even though it is hard to get unsweetened Ice tea in Canada, we still love them. But not enough to buy one of their heat pumps if you live in the Southern USA. I called one Canadian manufacturer  4 times and e-mailed 3 or 4 times for a comment to discus this; Thermeau Industries Inc in Quebec City. I asked to speak to one of the owners and they would not talk to me. They pawned me off to a rep in Florida. Shame on them. I don’t bite. Please call or text me if you want a great swimming pool heatpump heater. I have access to most all of the major brands of pool heaters and I won’t just push the one I make the most money on if it isn’t right for you. I will make some money though. You want me to be around to sell you another one in 10 to 20 years I hope.
Spring is coming soon.
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