Thanks for all the info.  I’ve been looking at the Ultraquiet 130.  I really can’t understand why I would choose the “regular” vs the hot and cold version for a few hundred dollars more? I certainly don’t ever need to “chill” my pool but it seems that this also has an added defrost cabaility for heating at low ambient temperatures.  Can you help me?

Also, with the nearby factory, is there any chance to pickup from the factory and save a bit on freight?

I’m still a few weeks out from making a decision. I’m currently getting quotes on the electric line.




Marc Miller’s response to this email:

“Hello Jerry,

People use the hot gas defrost (chiller option) in warm weather states like Florida, GA, MS, LA, Texas, California and Arizona in the winter if they want to keep heating down to freezing air temps. They get temperatures at night in the winter below 50 F. Most brands of pool heat pumps shut down at about 50F or so and that is fine for 90% of my customers. Some people get a 50% break of their electric rate at night and they run all night with a blanket on the water. Check if your utility has a program like that. I hope that helps and that I hear from you soon.