Be aware if you are going to use a national well known name brand heat pump that it might have been built in another country: as far away as China.

In the last couple years we’ve been noticing that some of the major names in swimming pool heat pump manufacturing industry have been outsourcing their production to countries like China and Mexico. Also many of the manufacturers have diversified into making other types of pool equipment and accessories for swimming pools that have nothing to do with heating. Some have diversified to the extent that they’re making hundreds of products like toys and don’t give priority to their heat pumps. We like manufacturers with a proven track history that only manufacture and support their swimming pool heat pumps. We like that all their attention is devoted to making their heat pump as reliable and efficient as possible and developing a dealer service network all over the USA. You don’t want to call China if you have a question about using your heat pump. We like to see the original engineer that they designed the machine still at the factory production line improving it every year and supervising the production.

We feel that in the heat pump world you should keep all your eggs are in one basket and then you will watch that basket very carefully to make sure you have the best product available.

We have been here from the beginning of this industry that started in the early 1980’s. We have seen everything and know who is doing their job and who is outsourcing their products to people who don’t have as much of a vested interest as an engineer with a big ego who won’t let anything or anybody get in the way of making the best product that they put their name on. Ask us what are considered the best pool heat pumps that are proudly build in the USA. We want to share.
Marcus Miller