I have received quite a few questions about Chinese swimming pool heat pumps from my customers who are price shopping. There are some that are being sold for less money than an American manufacturer can afford to build them. There are even some American manufacturers who are putting their name on Chinese heat pumps. The Chinese factories make them in big bunches like bananas and then ship the heaters 6000 to 9000 miles in a tightly packed containers to the USA, South America and Europe. Then they are shipped out from the warehouses from people who couldn’t care less about the product they are handling as most have no personal connection to the swimming pool owner, the service or install company or even the distributors that sell the heat pump. Then, when you need service there is no local service company that has a personal relationship with the manufacturer. My favorite swimming pool heat pumps are handmade in the USA with the designing engineer on site to give each a final ok before they are shipped out. You want a swimming heat pump made with love from people who care and have reputations to protect. You might even want the cell number of the distributor in case you ever have a concern or install question after hours. My next blog will be about Florida homeowners who buy a Canadian heat pump when they have 4 local heat pump factories in their backyard with lots of service guys running around. Hope all my Canadian friends don’t read that one. 🙂
Be safe and enjoy your pool.