I have been getting many calls from homeowners who want to save on their utility bills, and who have done their research that showed them that Geothermal heating and cooling was the best way to heat and cool their homes. Some have already bought their heat pump and just want help with the HDPE piping and accessories. As long as you use a licensed electrician the factories are happy. Some of the heat pump manufacturers are very homeowner friendly and some are horrible and don’t want to talk to people just trying to save some money on the installation. They want you to buy through distribution and not direct. I can tell you who is helpful. We have some of the best geothermal USA made heat pump manufacturers in the world. Some once were USA owned like Florida Heat Pump. They were bought out by Bosch in Europe a few years ago. I remember picking up heat pumps from FHP first manufacturing plant near my house in Pompano Beach, Florida in the early 1980’s. It was really cool to watch them make a unit from scratch. Some of the first ones that I put in are still running 30 years later. Then I used Miami Heat Pump and Coldflow units. My mom got a Coldflow geothermal heat pump for her condo 20 years ago. She liked the look of the stainless steel cabinet. One customer bought a used geothermal off of Craigslist in nice shape for $500.00 and used an open loop for the water supply. He probably spent less than $1,000.00 to change his old inefficient heater to a Geothermal. His payback was a few months instead of years. He got lucky though. Most people spend about $5,000.00 for a nice geothermal air to water heat pump. Some people get water to water heat pumps and circulate hot water through pipes in the floor. That like the even heat throughout the room with no drafts from air blowing through ductwork. Some people don’t mind the draft and also it is easier to cool a house with cold air from the ducts and you have the bonus of being able to filter the air. You can’t do that with a floor water to water hydronic system. Some of the big names in geothermal are Climate Master, Enertech, Hydrotemp from Arkansas and Water Furnace. It is hard to do research on the different brands to compare them and rate them. It seems every brand has it’s hates out there and they seem to write the most about their experience. I have a feeling though that many of the bad blood installation related and not a manufacturing issue. I have seen some really stupid manufacturing problems though. Fortunately it is getting rarer to find these days. If you have any geothermal heat pump questions please let me know. I would love to help out. If you want to text me a question, my cell number is 360 348 7574