Spring has sprung!  It is time for the pool opening season to begin for northern climates.  With that in mind you will need to take a good look at your pool.  Take your time and be sure to go over these steps while opening your pool for the season.

Step One: Surface Check
Take a walk around your pool, look for settling and cracks.

Step Two: Assess What’s Beneath the Cover
Remove your cover and check for debris, water color, and water level.

Step Three: Reconnect and Inspect the Equipment
Make sure the pump works, the filter works, and the heater. Test your outlet and check your electrical panel.

Step Four: Replace Pool Fittings
Check/replace fittings throughout the system.

Step Five: Test the Water
Test the alkalinity and pH balance of the pool water.

Step Six: Skimming and Vacuuming
Clear out anything that may have gotten into the water during the winter.

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