Geothermal heat pumps are part of a solution to fight high wasteful energy costs.

I love Geothermal heating and cooling with packaged heat pumps. For many homes and businesses, it can save 50 to 75 or more from the cost of other technologies. Some people are still heating their homes with technology from the caveman or woman days. I must admit that I have a wood stove. Though I stopped using it 15 years ago after a diverter plate failed inside the stove and the un-baffled heat caught my chimney on fire. Not a big fan of chimney fires. The problem with many geothermal projects is the cost to the home or business owner. I have seen $50,000.00 quotes to dig 4 ditches and pipe and wire a heat pump. That is horrible when you could have replaced your propane furnace for $3,000.00. It will then take a long time to make up the difference, especially since most people move every seven years. $47,000.00 will buy a lot of propane. Many of my customers put geothermal systems in themselves. Then the numbers are a no brainer. They hire a backhoe or track-hoe with a driver for a day or two to dig the ditches. I just rented a track-hoe for $250.00 plus diesel. My neighbor did most of the work and then taught me how to operate it. I had to give him a lifetime pass for grazing his sheep on my yard though. It was a win-win as now I don’t have to mow anymore. Geothermal loops are about $300.00 a roll. Heat pumps are about $2,600.00 to $5,500.00 or so. There are many utilities offering rebates. I have seen customers in some areas basically get the heat pump for free after a $1,000.00 a ton rebate. Not that common though. Then there are federal tax credits on some brands for the next couple of years also. There are lots of You-tube videos on how to lay pipe. I just watched one on how to change a sewage pump and I can swear that now I am an expert. A smelly one though. My favorite factories of heat pumps won’t punish people who install their own geothermal heat pumps by voiding warranties as long as you get a licensed electrician to do all the wiring and follow local codes, pull permits, etc. Some of my customers hire an HVAC guy to supervise the job to guide them. I like that idea. Then you will have a local guy to help if you ever need service. Install an efficient geothermal heat pump system and you will be making money for years to come. If you are saving $500.00 a month every year, then you will make me happy. After ten years that is $60,000.00 in the bank and that will buy a lot of propane.

PS. All the numbers are completely made up by me but should be pretty close for most people depending on where you live, the size of the heat pump and size of the house, etc. 🙂

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