Cherry tree budding early

Cherry buds in February with no bees is not good. A heat pump heated pool is good.

It is late February and my cherry trees are flowering. I have not seen any bees around yet so this isn’t a good sign. It is still getting below freezing at night and that can’t be too good for this years fruit crop. I wonder how my green house buddies are doing who can more closely control the environment. We send many heat pumps to heat the air and the ground in green houses. Many flower growers in Texas and South America use them so they can grow petunias all year long. It looks like I will be spending a lot of time this spring staring at my trees and not leaving my yard as the first Coronavirus death in the USA just happened close to my town. I have been avoiding traveling and especially airports this year so I didn’t come in contact with other travelers but, now it seems people will be avoiding people from my area. I feel bad for my hotel / motel / campground and resort clients. They are taking a hit and many good people depend on that industry for employment. Not happy with all these markets in China that mix so many different species & foods. I am sure other countries are just as bad and have issues too. Maybe this will be the age of AquaCulture, Aquaponics and Hydroponics where they can control the environment and avoid this type of disaster. We are not living in the middle ages. If you are at your market stall playing on your smartphone then you can make sure you are also able to keep things clean and sterile. I would love to hear from all my agricultural buddies in that field on their views. Looks like there will be more Stay-cations this year. I hope that my pool heaters and heat pumps can help people enjoy their homes more. People with warm pools stay fitter and have great family togetherness occasions. If you need to heat or cool water or air with a gas, electric or heat pump please let me know. If you need to repair your old pool heater we can help with parts and troubleshooting. This months advice is to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds & call your Mom more. She loves you.

How to choose a swimming pool heat pump for your pool.

Congratulations on getting this far in your pool heating equipment search. I am sure you thought about a gas heater. Some people go in the heat pump direction because they don’t have natural gas at the house and others because they don’t want a 500-gallon propane looking bomb in their backyard. All of them are bad reasons to get a pool heat pump. The best reason is that a heat pump is the best choice because of how efficiently they heat the pool, how their titanium heat exchangers are superior to most gas heaters, and usually how the warranty is much longer. There are other ways to heat a pool like with wood, oil or electric element. For most people, they are not practical or sustainable ways of heating. An electric element can cost 6 or more times what a heat pump costs to run, and oil heater is expensive and everyone I have ever worked on smelled bad and also gave a cloud of fumes in your tropical swimming pool paradise. Wood heaters are cool but most people don’t want the work of filling it every couple of hours every day. A pool heater is supposed to give you fun leisure time and not make you chop wood to go for a swim. Don’t get me too wrong. I sell lots of gas heaters. Ski resorts in New Hampshire, indoor pools in hotels in Minnesota, impatient people who want their spa hot in 15 minutes and don’t care how much it costs.
The most important things to look for in a pool heat pump are:

1: Reliability
2: USA made
3: Warranty
4: efficiency
5: Size (capacity)
6: Price
7: Availability
8: Manufacturer that only makes heat pumps and not floating toys or pool furniture.

Most of those facts are researchable. Some are not. That is where I hope that you ask my opinion. I have seen it all. I can tell you what to say when your California pool guy says they don’t work here when the Canadian pool heater manufacturers have Canada covered pretty well with heat pumps. I have seen people doing their research and just coming up with the most Btu’s for the cheapest price. Then they call me and ask what can I do on a price for this amazing machine. I see that they are ignoring whether the heat pump is made in China or if there is no or just a short warranty where they live. Don’t get a Canadian swimming pool heat pump if you live in Florida an hour away from a good heat pump factory.
Don’t get a huge heat pump if you have a tiny pool. Don’t get a metal heat pump if you live on the ocean or have a dog that mistakes it for a fire hydrant. Don’t get a digital heat pump if you hate digital. Don’t get a heat pump from a factory that doesn’t want to speak to you if you call them. Do ask me who is doing everything right and I will help out.
Please call text or write to us. We want to make your swimming pool heat pump experience the best possible.
Summer is on the way. Where I live the daily temperature averages get warmer starting January 12th.
Be safe out there.
Marcus Cell 360 348 7574

You shouldn’t have to consult an arcade game to choose the best pool heat pump for your swimming pool.

I want you to have the best swimming pool heat pump with the longest warranty, the highest efficiency, made in the USA, with the least chance of needing service. I feel like this year pool owners are consulting Voltar to pick a heater or chiller.  How do I know this? The hint I have is that they are calling me after they buy for help with an issue with the machine. I have seen and probably serviced every swimming pool heat pump and most gas heaters that were made in the USA since the early 1980s.  People ask me if they should buy a metal cabinet heat pump and they live on the beach. I say that it isn’t a good idea and they go someplace else and buy one. I say that my customer should only buy a USA made heat pump with engineers in the country and service contractors ready to help and then they buy a Chinese heat pump for $200.00 less and have to call China if something goes bad.  I was given a Chinese heat pump for free after a trade show to test on my pool from %#@& so I know what it is like to e-mail and call China when it is dead on arrival than watch the Chinese rep disappear when it isn’t a simple fix. I tell a customer to buy a big heat pump and then they order a 50,000 Btu heat pump from e-bay for their 25,000-gallon pool and then bad mouths heat pumps instead of the bad research.  If you are going to live in your home for more than a year then please get a reliable, heat pump that is made in the USA with high efficiency for a low power bill, doesn’t shut off at 55F when you need heat the most, has a long warranty, big enough for your pool with a titanium heat exchanger that is quiet, covered with a polymer cabinet and stainless steel fittings so it doesn’t look like a sunken ship salvage after a few years. I had a customer spend $100.00 more for a Canadian heat pump with a factory 2000 miles from them when a great manufacturer was one hour from their home with factory service guys patrolling their neighborhood like police officers in a crime zone. (It also had a 5-year labor warranty.) That is an amazingly long time for labor in your backyard. Now everyone is asking me to buy the Hayward Heatpro HP2104T with 140,000 Btu’s.  I have sold lots of them with no issues. Maybe I have sold more than most pool guys.  Also, some of my favorite people are Hayward engineers and customer service guys that I have known for more than 20 years. (You know who you are) The problem is the warranty isn’t very long is most states. It might be good for some people and for others they can do better. I want you to do better. Since you should not buy a heat pump more than once or twice in your life, you need to get it right the first time.   Pool heat pump buying is not just about buying the biggest Btu unit. There are lots of variables to consider. Just ask me and I will tell you the pros and cons of most of the brands as I have seen and service most of them. Some USA manufacturers are buying Chinese heat pumps and then just putting their label on it and selling like their own. Some are putting the heat pump together in the USA and using foreign and Chinese parts. The warm tropical water in your pool should be a fun thing and not a burden if it fails. Let me know what kind of project you have going on and I will pick a model that checks all the boxes so that you get the best possible heat pump and have the longest swimming season.