If you are going to use your swimming pool heat pump once a year then I don’t care what brand you get.

I was on the phone with a customer last week and he wanted to buy an inexpensive heat pump that was made in China. I have not had the best luck with them as I have tested 3 Chinese swimming pool heat pumps and they all had an issue. Maybe in 5 years, they will get it all sorted out but I told him that is wasn’t a good idea as I couldn’t give my blessing to its reliability and I have like to use North American made heat pumps as I believe the USA and Canada have the best-made ones in the world. I say that from experience as I have seen most of the ones in the world and those that I have not personally seen in person I have read up on them and have looked at reviews. So for this customer, I told him that in ten years where did he think he would get parts or even be able to talk to an engineer if he had a problem. He then told me that he was 87 years old and wasn’t that concerned about what would happen when he was 97. My best argument didn’t work. After a few more phone calls he agreed to spend a little more for an American made pool heat pump. I felt much better but it made me think of one of my favorite stores; Harbor Freight. I know all my gear head friends go there when nobody is looking. Some of my older friends tell me that sometimes they need a specialized tool that they will only use a few times and that the inexpensive ones there do the trick. I just like to roam around looking at everything. I bought some motorcycle tie-down straps and ear protection for some loud 2 stroke motorcycle engines that I started up. I know most of the stuff in there is from China. I have mixed emotions with that. I wish that there was a store with the same business model with locally made tools. I can’t go to my Sears anymore as it closed, so for a guy that likes that sort of thing, there is not a lot of local options. With Swimming pool heat pumps we have that option though. I have great heat pumps that are made from Pennsylvania to Florida. You have to know who is making what and where though. Some big USA manufacturers are buying their heat pumps from China while some others are putting them together in other countries. Some USA manufacturers have cut their warranties while some have lengthened them. I can tell you who did what. I like simple reliable heat pumps made in a factory with an engineer around to make sure they are tested and running like they were designed. In ten years I want the heat pump keeping your pool like a tropical lagoon with reliability that isn’t going to cause you any stress.
I am on your side.
Marcus Miller