How to choose a swimming pool heat pump for your pool.

Congratulations on getting this far in your pool heating equipment search. I am sure you thought about a gas heater. Some people go in the heat pump direction because they don’t have natural gas at the house and others because they don’t want a 500-gallon propane looking bomb in their backyard. All of them are bad reasons to get a pool heat pump. The best reason is that a heat pump is the best choice because of how efficiently they heat the pool, how their titanium heat exchangers are superior to most gas heaters, and usually how the warranty is much longer. There are other ways to heat a pool like with wood, oil or electric element. For most people, they are not practical or sustainable ways of heating. An electric element can cost 6 or more times what a heat pump costs to run, and oil heater is expensive and everyone I have ever worked on smelled bad and also gave a cloud of fumes in your tropical swimming pool paradise. Wood heaters are cool but most people don’t want the work of filling it every couple of hours every day. A pool heater is supposed to give you fun leisure time and not make you chop wood to go for a swim. Don’t get me too wrong. I sell lots of gas heaters. Ski resorts in New Hampshire, indoor pools in hotels in Minnesota, impatient people who want their spa hot in 15 minutes and don’t care how much it costs.
The most important things to look for in a pool heat pump are:

1: Reliability
2: USA made
3: Warranty
4: efficiency
5: Size (capacity)
6: Price
7: Availability
8: Manufacturer that only makes heat pumps and not floating toys or pool furniture.

Most of those facts are researchable. Some are not. That is where I hope that you ask my opinion. I have seen it all. I can tell you what to say when your California pool guy says they don’t work here when the Canadian pool heater manufacturers have Canada covered pretty well with heat pumps. I have seen people doing their research and just coming up with the most Btu’s for the cheapest price. Then they call me and ask what can I do on a price for this amazing machine. I see that they are ignoring whether the heat pump is made in China or if there is no or just a short warranty where they live. Don’t get a Canadian swimming pool heat pump if you live in Florida an hour away from a good heat pump factory.
Don’t get a huge heat pump if you have a tiny pool. Don’t get a metal heat pump if you live on the ocean or have a dog that mistakes it for a fire hydrant. Don’t get a digital heat pump if you hate digital. Don’t get a heat pump from a factory that doesn’t want to speak to you if you call them. Do ask me who is doing everything right and I will help out.
Please call text or write to us. We want to make your swimming pool heat pump experience the best possible.
Summer is on the way. Where I live the daily temperature averages get warmer starting January 12th.
Be safe out there.
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