Now before you, CSI sleuths get on my case about the scull on the Rheem heat pump, Please keep in mind that I am pretty sure it is Neanderthal and it originated not from Europe or Asia with a land bridge from Russia but from a store called Party City around Halloween time back in 2014. The scull has a double meaning here. I want to sell heat pumps for a long time and make a profit and not become an angry skeleton and I want you to use a professional to install your gas heater. Gas goes boom if not controlled. I remember a buddy who had trouble with his pilot light on his gas pool heater back in the last century. The access panel blew off when the heater finally lite and knocked him on his butt. That was the easiest heat pump sale that I ever had. I lost a sale 2 weeks ago on a gas pool heater to the “Internet”. After I would have charged local tax I was going to make $9.57 on a $2,000.00 heater. I can’t do customer service for the next 20 years for that profit. Then the same guy called me yesterday with no shame for customer service anyway when he got a fault code. Maybe I can do that business model after all? I love the Internet. I tried to buy locally a sleep aide today and the drug store didn’t stock what the TV ad said they did. Went to Amazon and bought it with next day delivery. Some big pool heat pump manufacturers don’t want you to buy their swimming pool heat pumps on the web. They are fighting the future and trying to make believe it is 1995 again. They want you to buy from a local guy who only knows one or two brands; no selection is not in your best interest. I know all the brands. Can you trust my picks? Am I totally impartial and won’t steer you to what makes me the most money? Well, keep one thing in mind. I take it personally when there is a service problem. So you at least know I will recommend something reliable in my own self-interest and I like my reputation. 20 years on the web. Buy locally unless it is me of course. Be safe out there enjoy your swimming pool for as much of the year as possible. If I can help you do that then I have succeeded.
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