Agricultural Heat Pumps

The Benefits of Employing Heat Pumps on Agriculture

For many years farmers have been relying just on oil, LPG or electric resistance elements to provide heating within the farming industry. Today's increasing energy costs worldwide are motivating different agricultural businesses to look for a low cost more energy efficient alternative to use.

There are many applications in the agrarian industry that has benefited from the use of a water source, ground source or air source heat pump and there are many case studies that have confirmed this. For example there is a pig farmer that had an oil fired heating system to heat the pads used in his pig rearing unit. It was the increasing cost of oil that motivated him to look for an alternative. Finally after installing a heat pump system it was proved that he is now achieving savings over 40% in energy savings. We also have a dairy farm using an air source heat pump for chilling the milk produced, with the byproduct they are providing free hot water for their dairy. Another innovative example of their use in agriculture is their capability to provide heating for the poultry sheds during the winter and cooling during the summer.

Looking at another way of applying this technology in the farming industry is through the heat pump assisted drying in agriculture. With this type of system you can provide a controllable drying environment with temperature and humidity to achieve better quality products with the significantly less consumption of energy over other drying methods.


Another advantage of using a heat pump system is that the byproduct (waste heat) can be recovered and use on a different application like:

  • Water heating for irrigation
  • Tempered water used in the production process
  • Air heating for drying produce
  • Ambient heating in production rooms
  • Different processes in the agricultural and food production.

In conclusion we can consider the following beneficial points about the application of a heat pump system on farming, agriculture or food processing:

  • There is a significant verified collected data confirming the profitability of using heat pumps in the agricultural, farming or food process industry.
  • Heat or cold application on demand using the same system.
  • The use of a heat pump allows you to recover wasted energy that can be applied to a secondary application.
  • During long transmission heating processes, the use of a heat pump at consumption point has been proven to reduce energy costs.


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