Aquaculture Hydro Royal Heat Pump

Hydro Royal

This top of the line of BREEDER Heat Pumps can precisely maintain the desired temperature that you need. By setting the temperature on the digital control, the breeder heater will heat or cool the water as needed. Only this type of heat pump can do both applications. These Heat Pumps remove the heat from the earth’s atmosphere, using this clean renewable energy source, and mechanically upgrades it and transfers it to the water. This is a clean and safe process for the environment, perfect for all aquaculture and agricultural needs. Below are the Advantages of Controlled Water Environments:

  • Increased amount of Yields, Faster Growth Rate, Faster Grow-out Cycles
  • Healthier Fish, Higher Reproduction Rates, Lower Mortality Rates
  • Reduced Fingerling Purchases
  • Increased Fry Recovery
  • Ideal for Adjusting Temperatures to Maximize Growth Cycles

The BREEDER HEATER SERIES is designed specifically to meet all the Aquaculture and Agricultural needs. They are available in all electrical requirements from 200 volts to 575 volts, from single phase to 3 phase and also 50 or 60 hertz. Features an oversized Titanium Heat Exchangers for maximum heat output, larger evaporator coils with increased air flow for improved performance on colder days and full flow plumbing system to handle the highest water volumes without a significant pressure drop. Finally a heat pump designed specifically for the aquaculture industry!

Testimonial video provided by aquaculture facility using a Hydro Royal heat pump for heat and chill.

Models Available

Two industry applications for this product:

Aquaculture Heat Pumps Agricultural Heat Pumps

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