Hydro Royal™ HR 90 RA

Hydro Royal is the only heat pump designed and recommended for both pool and aquaculture applications. If you need a Hydro Royal Aquaculture heat pump please contact us first as some adjustments might be needed at the factory during the production process according to your fish farm or aquaculture needs.

All Hydro Royal Swimming Pool Heat Pumps are built according to industry standards and rated by a national testing agency and do not require any additional factory modifications.

  • Heat Exchanger: 100% Titanium Heat Exchanger
  • Min/Max Flow: 20/70 Gallons
  • Recommended Flow: 45 Gallons
  • Compressor: Scroll
  • Plumbing Size: 2"
  • Min Amps / Max Breaker: 36 /40
  • Dimensions (Shipping): 31" x 31" x 34" (33" x 31" x 39")
  • Weight (Shipping): 210 Lbs. (245 lbs.)


Heat Pump Features

Super-Sized evaporator coil, this is where efficiency begins. Largest in it’s class (20 square feet of wrap-around coil) Higher performance in colder weather Titanium Turbo Heat Exchanger Lifetime Warranty Impervious to erosion and corrosion Full flow (no need to bypass)Helium (He) Tested Refrigerant system tested with the second smallest element, finds leaks 100 times smaller than our competitors. Virtually eliminates refrigerant loss – No recharging! Quiet scroll compressor 10-year limited warranty. The quietest of all compressors. More efficient and no maintenance. State of the art manufacturing. Each component individually stamped with the serial number. Computerized tracking system when service is required. Remote control ready. Compatible with all automation controllers. Hurricane guard UV resistant rust proof polymer Tight mesh configuration for optimal protection. Diagnostic LCD Read out Programmed in real words – No codes to learn Self diagnostic LCD will display a fault if problems occur. Simple to use dual thermostat . Control lockout . Keeps renters or children from changing settings. ABS Plastic cabinet UV inhibited / High – strength. Easy to clean. No rust!

    Original Test Point: 80/80/80 Outside AHRI 1160 Testing Standard BTU 90,000 (6.3 COP) AHRI Test Point 1 80/63/80 BTU ari-icon.gif84,000 (5.8 COP) AHRI Test Point 2 50/63/80 BTU ari-icon.gif56,000 (4.0 COP)

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