Natural swimming pool or pond system

Natural swimming pool or pond system

Natural swimming pools or natural swimming ponds have not been around for too long. Originated in Austria in the early 1980's it spread to Germany and later to other European countries where it gained popularity. The concept of this natural swimming pools is a contained body or water where no chemicals are used to sterilize or disinfect the water. Only biological filters are used to clarify and purify the system.

Because of their ecologically beneficial concept they are also becoming popular in the USA. Not only we will be eliminating the use of chemicals in the water but will be sharing the water with nature, taking advantage of the ecosystem's ability to naturally balance things to a healthy state.

The traditional natural swimming pool will need two separate areas:

  • The swimming zone
  • The regenerative zone

The swimming zone will resemble a swimming pool and it will overflow into the regenerative area that will be used to contain the plants and foliage that will be used for the filtration system. This is the place where the biological cleaning of the water will take place. Both zones must be physically separated and a pump will be used to move the water back into the pool after the purifying process. These days there is an alternative of using a contained biological filtration system and avoiding the use of a regenerative zone. With this method fish are allowed in the swimming pond or pool when in the presence of a regenerative zone they are not allowed.

Heating your natural swimming pool or pond

Natural swimming pools and ponds will be heated best by using a Hydro Royal aquaculture pool heat pump. Hydro Royals are built with a titanium heat exchanger which is fish friendly as it will not release toxins into the water compared to a heat exchanger that has been built with copper (see Koi pond heating) Hydro Royal pool heat pumps have also been built for non chemically treated water applications and have been successfully installed in the USA and overseas for aquaculture applications and related technologies.

A Hydro Royal heat pump will steadily mantain with slow release heat the perfect temperature to keep you natural swimming pool heated.

This is similar to a regular swimming pool because by heating your natural swimming pond or pool you will be able to extend your swimming season and depending on your geographical location even swim year round. Just as with any swimming pool you will need to size your pool heat pump properly before deciding how many BTU’s will need to heat the water.

We would like to assist you in selecting the right heat pump size for your application. Below is a heat analysis form for aquaculture and pond heat load analysis. Please fill the form below and we will reply to you with comparative cost analysis between gas , oil and electric heat pumps. We are also available to you by phone if you have any questions at 1 888 205 7766

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