Geothermal For Swimming Pool Heating

Geothermal For Swimming Pool Heating

Heat Pump For Swimming Pools

We are happy to announce that we have an exclusive new line of water source geothermal pool heaters available in stock now. No delays in production lines as this product is currently under inventory. This geothermal heat pumps are proudly built in the USA with the highest standard and quality materials. Product to be sold to contractors only. Please contact us if you need to find an authorized dealer for this product.

Because this manufacturer allows only limited online advertisement we are not posting the brand name and model numbers. Please email us or call us at 1 888 205 7766 to receive our PDF file brochure and installation instructions.

There is a special need in today's eco friendly market for swimming pool geothermal units as they save on energy bills and are clean to the environment. This is a water to water geothermal application and it's not only limited to swimming pools but it can also be used on other similar applications under the right circumstances.

We are constantly searching for the best technologies to save you time, energy and money. When it relates to energy consumption at our households or business we have the best solutions. Some methods are energy efficient, but only under certain circumstances that you have no role in controlling. An example would be Solar energy heating. It is a very environmentally friendly and efficient source of heat, however the fact that solar energy is entirely dependent on the weather and the sun makes it not completely reliable and in many cases needs a heat pump as a back up.

Geothermal pool heating relies on a heating technology that utilizes the earth as the primary source of energy thanks to the relatively stable temperature 4 to 6 feet under the ground. (Unlike the outside temperature that keeps changing according to the season) This makes it a very eco-friendly method of heating and cooling that can be 7X more efficient than other methods.

The way that geothermal heat pumps work is that it extracts solar energy trapped in the earth and transfers it into the pool or other body of water that you wish to be kept warm. In addition, the system usually consists of an underground network of pipes known as earth loops or geothermal loops to gather the heat energy.

Hydronic geothermal heat pumps, also known as water-to-water heat pumps, are a form typically used for pool heating. Nearby lakes, ponds, wells or oceans are used as the energy source for heating the swimming pools. This method has proven to be efficient as well as being economically and environmentally friendly.


  • Twisted titanium source water heat exchanger. Full 5 year parts & 2 years labor on the heat exchanger, no exclusions.
  • Digital Pool & Spa thermostat.
  • Hi Temperature Limit lock out feature .
  • Durable & maintenance free. Copeland scroll compressor.
  • Powder coated aluminum cabinet . For strength & longevity.
  • Highly efficient & quiet operation.
  • Performance tested to meet BTU’s & COP’s listed by E.T.L.

Operating Costs


We are here to help you if you have any questions about our geothermal pool heating units. We had been working with geothermal technology since 1982 and we are always happy to help in any way. This is geothermal pool heat alternative that is affordable and easy to install.

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