I love heating aquaculture and aquaponic farms with heat pumps. I have found that most applications can benefit from using heat pump technology over other methods like solar, gas or electric element heaters. Air to water, Water to water geothermal and air to air heat pumps are usually 4 to 6 X more efficient than propane or electric heaters and 2 to 3 times more efficient than natural gas. Also with heat pumps you have a titanium heat exchanger in contact with the water that has a lifetime warranty and can’t hurt fish. Many other types of heating methods use copper and that is poisonous to many fish and plant life.

Please call to let us know about your unique heating or chilling needs. Heat pumps are not always the best choice. Maybe 5% of the time we suggest other methods if we feel that you won’t benefit from heat pump technology. If you don’t have access to source water or ground area to bury pipes and if your climate is too cold for a traditional air to water heat pump we might point you in another direction. That is very rare though. 95% of our clients and friend see an immediate improvement in there heating costs and also the comfort and health of their aquacultural product.

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