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Double Pump Pressurized Flow Center, Variable Speed, Brass Valve. Geo Magna

Price: $1,445.50

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Product Description

Double Pump Pressurized Flow Center, Double O Fittings, Brass Valve. Geo Magna

Single Pump – Brass Valve GeoMagna-230V –
Double O-Ring Fittings (Includes AGA6PES Adapters)

Check pressure drop
(normally 1.5 to 4 tons)

Model# AGFCV2B

The Magna GEO series variable speed flow centers and new
VS Controller Kits offer lower operational costs than traditional
flow centers on the market today.
• Magna GEO 32-140 has better performance than UP26-
99 and UP26-116 and uses less energy
• Eliminates over-pumping and/or balancing valves to
achieve desired flow rate
• Simplifies installation; controller allows installer to “tell”
pump the desired flow rate instead of measuring pressure
drop and looking up flow rate in a table
• Displays EWT, LWT, and ΔT
• Displays flow rate
• Displays pump power consumption
• Displays HE/HR from system