Heating Solutions


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Product Description

Heating Solutions ECO1500 Ecostealth Heat Pump; 115000 BTU, 208-230 V

Product Features

  • Advanced aerodynamic fan blade with low rpm motor
  • Proven copeland scroll technology with wrap design
  • Exclusive “vexed” commercial grade titanium design
  • Expert engineering with oversized evaporator coil and unparalleled fin technology for more heat
  • Member’s only warranty protection option to keep your unit protected for up to 5 years
  • Premium member services support hotline
  • Digital temperature control
  • 2 and 3 wire remote capability


Product Specifications

Brand Heating Solutions
SubBrand Ecostealth
Item Heat Pump
HeatOutputBTUH 115000
RefrigerantModel R-410A
VoltageRating 208-230 V
MinimumCircuitAmpacity 26 A
MaximumBreakerSize 60 A
HeatExchanger Vexed Titanium
FlowRate 25 to 80 gpm
CabinetHeight 39 Inch
CabinetWidth 35 Inch
CabinetDepth 35 Inch