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Geo-Booster Loop Pressurization for Geothermal or Hydronic Systems

Price: $674.50

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Product Description

Geo-Booster Loop Pressurization for Geothermal or Hydronic Systems

The Geo‐Booster is an active loop pressurization system that eliminates issues with low loop pressures in closed‐loop geothermal ground loop or hydronic systems. The Geo‐Booster will maintain a minimum loop pressure of 35 psig on the system. The Geo‐Booster includes a pump with a built‐in pressure switch factory set at 35 psig, and a check valve to prevent back‐flow into the one‐gallon tank. The sealing cap ensures a closed system, prevents loop fluid evaporation, and provides vacuum relief allowing the fluid to be pumped from the reservoir.

Parts List
(1) Geo-Booster system with tank, cap, pump,
and power supply (assembled)
(9’) Flexible braided hose
(2) ¼” x 2-½ ” Lag screws
(2) Hose clamps
(2) ¼” Brass Nipples
(1) ¼” Brass Tee
(1) ¼” Brass Ball Valve

The Geo-Booster can be mounted in any available indoor location in or around the
mechanical room. The Geo-Booster includes over nine feet of hose which allows flexibility in
mounting the system. If the unit needs to be located further than nine feet from the
plumbing access point additional hose can be added or alternative pumping methods can be
employed provided that the materials are compatible with the antifreeze used in the loop.
The Geo-Booster can be plumbed into any point of the loop but is preferably located at the
lowest pressure point in the system which is normally the return pipe from the ground loop
just before the circulator pump(s).