Pool Heat Pump

Hydro Royal Pool Heat Pump HR Heat Only – HR90, 90,000 BTU’s, 6.3 COP (80/63/80), FREE SHIPPING

Price: $2,895.00

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The High Efficiency, Ultra- Quiet Heat Pump Series

Hydro Royal™ provides the absolute highest standard of manufacturing quality. The entire family of Hydro Royal™ Heat Pumps is manufactured with the highest quality components, state of the art testing and come with AHRI Performance Certification.

Heat Exchanger: 100% Titanium Heat Exchanger

Min/Max Flow: 20/70 Gallons

Recommended Flow: 45 Gallons

Compressor: Scroll

Plumbing Size: 2″

Min Amps / Max Breaker: 36/40

Dimensions (Shipping): 31″ x 31″ x 34″ (33″ x 31″ x 39″)

Weight (Shipping): 210 Lbs. (245 lbs.)


– Easy to read & program Dual Digital Thermostat
– Ultra-Quiet Fan & Insulated Compressor
– Dual Thermostat and LED Readout
– Maintenance-free, non-metal cabinet
– Powerful and Efficient
– Titanium heat exchanger
– Lockable Controls
– State of the Art Manufacturing Facility
– Low speed fan, quiet scroll compressor and sound dampening heat exchanger make for as low as 56 decibels at full operation.


  • Super-Sized evaporator coil.
  • This is where efficiency begins.
  • Largest in it’s class (20 square feet of wrap-around coil).
  • Higher performance in colder weather.
  • Titanium Turbo Heat Exchanger.
  • Lifetime Warranty.
  • Impervious to erosion and corrosion.
  • Full flow (no need to bypass).
  • Helium (He) Tested.
  • Refrigerant system tested with the second smallest element.
  • Finds leaks 100 times smaller than our competitors.
  • Virtually eliminates refrigerant loss – No recharging!
  • Quiet scroll compressor.
  • 10-year limited warranty.
  • The quietest of all compressors.
  • More efficient and no maintenance.
  • State of the art manufacturing.
  • Each component individually stamped with the serial number.
  • Computerized tracking system when service is required.
  • Remote control ready.
  • Compatible with all pool/spa automation controllers.
  • Hurricane guard.
  • UV resistant rust proof polymer.
  • Tight mesh configuration for optimal protection.
  • Diagnostic LCD Readout.
  • Programmed in real words – No codes to learn.
  • Self diagnostic LCD will display a fault if problems occur.
  • Simple to use dual thermostat for pool and spa.
  • Control lockout.
  • Keeps renters or children from changing settings.
  • ABS Plastic cabinet.
  • UV inhibited / High – strength.
  • Easy to clean. No rust!

Original Test Point:


Outside BTU 90,000 (6.3 COP)
AHRI 1160 Testing Standard

AHRI Test Point 1

BTU 84,000 (5.8 COP)

AHRI Test Point 2

BTU 56,000 (4.0 COP)

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