JE2500T3 (AEH-15-1034) 119K 6.2COP 230/60/3, JE SERIES, DIGITAL, ZODIAC POOL HEATER

Price: $3,345.00

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Product Description

JE Series line of premium Heat Pumps delivers maximum energy efficiency and reliability. Working efficiently, JE Heat Pumps absorb free heat from the air and transfer it to the water, making the heating process ecological and cost effective.


Product Features

  • Ultra-Efficient – Featuring a premium titanium heat exchanger, JE Series heat pumps provide superior hydraulic flow for maximum energy savings
  • Superior Control – Easy-to-operate dual thermostats (pool/spa)
  • User-Friendly – Features advanced digital control to enable self diagnostics, multilingual capability, and an auto-heat feature, when used in conjunction with AquaLink® control systems, to maintain your pool’s temperature automatically and efficiently 24
  • Versa Plumb®-Ready – All JE Heat Pumps are Versa Plumb®-ready, allowing you to achieve 50% more hydraulic efficiency for maximum energy savings
  • Includes 2/2.5 Inch unions
  • Environmentally-friendly


Product Specifications

Brand Zodiac
SubBrand Jandy® Pro Series
Item Heat Pump
Series JE
HeatOutputBTUH 119000
ElectricalInput 5.34 kW
VoltageRating 208-230 V
FrequencyRating 60 Hz
Phase 3-Phase
MinimumCircuitAmpacity 30.76
MaximumBreakerSize 45
CoefficientofPerformance 6.2
HeatExchanger Titanium High Flow
FlowRate 48 gpm
ControlType Digital Electric
CompressorType Scroll
CabinetHeight 40 Inch
CabinetWidth 36 Inch
CabinetDepth 43 Inch
WaterConnection 2 – 2-1/2 Inch
RefrigerantModel R410A
HousingMaterial ABS