How to troubleshoot you swimming pool heat pump and pool heater and then chill with a beer.

Swimming pool heat pumps and pool heaters should bring happiness and less stress into your life. You should be able to enjoy your warm tropical water without worrying about repairing your heat pump. It is a machine though and sometimes you have to have it serviced. Here are some tips if your pool heater is not heating.

1: Is your pool heat pump running at all? Look to see if the digital display is lite up and displaying a message. Many times the pool heater will tell you what is wrong. If you hear no sound and see no display then look to see that your circuit breaker tripped off and replace your fuse if you have one.

2: If you see low flow on the display then see if your filter is clean and all the valves are in the right position.

3: Sometimes you need to turn the breaker on and off to reset the heat pump if it had experienced multiple water flow failures.

4: The pool heat pump is running and the pool isn’t heating up then see if the discharge air temperature is about 10 degrees cooler than the outside air. That shows the compressor is running.

5: If everything seems to be working you might need to run the filter pump longer or put a blanket on the pool.

6: Text me at 360 348 7574 to tell me what is happening and I might be able to help troubleshoot.

7: If there is water draining from the heat pump and it is running that should be normal condensation. If you have any doubt then put a chlorine test strip in the water to see if chlorine. If chlorine then you have a leak. No chlorine then it is normal.

8: If also might have shut down to a cold night below 50 degrees. Give it some time to warm in the sun. Some low-temperature heat pumps will go into the 30’s.

We are here for you if you have any questions on how to troubleshoot your pool heat pump.


Swimming pool heat pumps from the early 2000’s that are still running.

This as been a month of people calling for parts who bought Kopec and Heat Siphon pool heaters back in the early 2000’s. I love to see people who maintained their equipment well all these years getting rewarded with a long service life for their heat pumps. I remember someone once sent me a photo of them applying car wax to the cabinet. I send out parts when I can to help customers keep their machines running. Sometimes it doesn’t make sense though if the repair is too expensive considering that equipment from that era used a freon that has since been discontinued. It was interesting that Mr. Kopec who had models like the 650TI, 600TI, 700TI Titan and the 525SC, 525S, 525SCTI etc. used a rotary knob for a thermostat on some of his models. I loved that the engineer who designed the heater also put his name on the heat pump. I want a product that is backed by someone who wants the world to know their name. He made a tough heat pump. I was sorry to see him get out of the pool heater business. US Thermo Amp who is still making heat pumps, also known as Heat Siphon, also used a manual rotary dial thermostat on their C5.0 and SX5.0 models. Now Heat Siphon is the only manufacturer left that still incorporates the analog thermostat control on their heat pumps. Even though it has a special place in my analog heart, most people don’t want that. They want a digital thermostat that they can program in an exact temperature and that will also have a diagnostic troubleshooting code to display if anything is wrong to help pinpoint what has shut the pool heater off. Tough to decide if you want simple and strong or if you need the extra bling, bling that we are surrounded with. If you are thinking of having your old pool heat pump repaired text me what is going on and maybe I can help you decide which direction to go in. I have a service history and have kept HVAC and swimming pool heat pumps going longer than they were designed to go but I also have a good idea on when to pull the plug and start fresh with a pool heater that has a long warranty. Pools are supposed to be fun and relaxing. I don’t want you stressing during the swimming season about repairs when you should be swimming with the family.

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