You need a swimming pool heat pump when you are stuck at home with a cold pool.

Social safe isolation is the rule of the land today. The National Guard is coming to my town on Monday to help out. I took this photo on Friday to show that even the clouds are in quarantine where I live. I don’t ever remember only seeing one cloud anywhere that I look in the sky. Maybe it is a sign? Maybe just something to distract me? I have still been sending out pool heat pumps. In the middle of a pandemic you might think that pool heaters are not the most important thing in peoples lives. I have even heard guilt in my customers voices when buying one. I thought about that, and the way I see it if people are going to be spending time at home and not traveling doing their stay-cations & social isolation & their pool is too cold to swim in, then they really and a need a swimming pool heat pump. These are stressful times & anything that will help people relieve stress and get their exercise is a good thing. Most of the home based activities are sedentary or eating related. I don’t stream movies or deliver pizza. Both are important services but there needs to be more to do to stay healthy. I make pools usable. If your pool is warm, and you use it regularly, then life should be a bit more bearable. I am not writing this to sell pool heat pumps. I can sell HVAC supplies to survive. Nobody reading this is going to have an a-ha moment because of me blogging about heaters and just now they just realized they need a warm pool. I am writing it so that you don’t feel guilty making your home livable in this emergency. To be your best and ready for anything you need to be healthy.
As always we are here for you.
Stay safe and call your Mom.

Look at the new Hydroroyal Heat Pump

Economical ways to heat your swimming pool to tropical temperature.

I want you to enjoy your pool for as much of the year as possible. Having a pool that is too cold is a waste of money and you are not using it to keep fit or for a comfortable place to entertain your friends and family. Pool heating with a pool heater or pool heat pump is the easiest way to solve that issue. A heat pump for pool is one of the best ways to maintain reliable heating throughout the season. I can help you with pool heater sizing, pool supplies, give advice on pool heater installation and most anything you need to know about a pool heating system. Some of you already have an old pool heater and might need advice on a pool heater repair or if you are replacing one, I can tell you who has the best pool heater for your specific application. A pool heating system can be a pool heat pump, gas heater, oil heater, solar panels or a wood-fired boiler. We can help you with all the pool supplies. We only distribute North American made products. You won’t get a cheap pool heat pump from me. Well, cheaply made anyway. You will get the best-priced pool heater that is of high quality.
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Use a professional gas person to install your gas pool heater. Use a licenced electrician for your swimming pool heat pump.

Now before you, CSI sleuths get on my case about the scull on the Rheem heat pump, Please keep in mind that I am pretty sure it is Neanderthal and it originated not from Europe or Asia with a land bridge from Russia but from a store called Party City around Halloween time back in 2014. The scull has a double meaning here. I want to sell heat pumps for a long time and make a profit and not become an angry skeleton and I want you to use a professional to install your gas heater. Gas goes boom if not controlled. I remember a buddy who had trouble with his pilot light on his gas pool heater back in the last century. The access panel blew off when the heater finally lite and knocked him on his butt. That was the easiest heat pump sale that I ever had. I lost a sale 2 weeks ago on a gas pool heater to the “Internet”. After I would have charged local tax I was going to make $9.57 on a $2,000.00 heater. I can’t do customer service for the next 20 years for that profit. Then the same guy called me yesterday with no shame for customer service anyway when he got a fault code. Maybe I can do that business model after all? I love the Internet. I tried to buy locally a sleep aide today and the drug store didn’t stock what the TV ad said they did. Went to Amazon and bought it with next day delivery. Some big pool heat pump manufacturers don’t want you to buy their swimming pool heat pumps on the web. They are fighting the future and trying to make believe it is 1995 again. They want you to buy from a local guy who only knows one or two brands; no selection is not in your best interest. I know all the brands. Can you trust my picks? Am I totally impartial and won’t steer you to what makes me the most money? Well, keep one thing in mind. I take it personally when there is a service problem. So you at least know I will recommend something reliable in my own self-interest and I like my reputation. 20 years on the web. Buy locally unless it is me of course. Be safe out there enjoy your swimming pool for as much of the year as possible. If I can help you do that then I have succeeded.
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If you are going to use your swimming pool heat pump once a year then I don’t care what brand you get.

I was on the phone with a customer last week and he wanted to buy an inexpensive heat pump that was made in China. I have not had the best luck with them as I have tested 3 Chinese swimming pool heat pumps and they all had an issue. Maybe in 5 years, they will get it all sorted out but I told him that is wasn’t a good idea as I couldn’t give my blessing to its reliability and I have like to use North American made heat pumps as I believe the USA and Canada have the best-made ones in the world. I say that from experience as I have seen most of the ones in the world and those that I have not personally seen in person I have read up on them and have looked at reviews. So for this customer, I told him that in ten years where did he think he would get parts or even be able to talk to an engineer if he had a problem. He then told me that he was 87 years old and wasn’t that concerned about what would happen when he was 97. My best argument didn’t work. After a few more phone calls he agreed to spend a little more for an American made pool heat pump. I felt much better but it made me think of one of my favorite stores; Harbor Freight. I know all my gear head friends go there when nobody is looking. Some of my older friends tell me that sometimes they need a specialized tool that they will only use a few times and that the inexpensive ones there do the trick. I just like to roam around looking at everything. I bought some motorcycle tie-down straps and ear protection for some loud 2 stroke motorcycle engines that I started up. I know most of the stuff in there is from China. I have mixed emotions with that. I wish that there was a store with the same business model with locally made tools. I can’t go to my Sears anymore as it closed, so for a guy that likes that sort of thing, there is not a lot of local options. With Swimming pool heat pumps we have that option though. I have great heat pumps that are made from Pennsylvania to Florida. You have to know who is making what and where though. Some big USA manufacturers are buying their heat pumps from China while some others are putting them together in other countries. Some USA manufacturers have cut their warranties while some have lengthened them. I can tell you who did what. I like simple reliable heat pumps made in a factory with an engineer around to make sure they are tested and running like they were designed. In ten years I want the heat pump keeping your pool like a tropical lagoon with reliability that isn’t going to cause you any stress.
I am on your side.
Marcus Miller

Swimming pool heat pumps remove wrinkles and make you more popular!

I have been taking some heat from some of my blog reading buddies lately for not writing enough about Swimming pool heat pumps, and how they can save you thousands of dollars when you are heating or cooling pools, homes and businesses, and of course my favorite industries: aquaculture and aquaponics. At first I was a little put off, as there are so many important subjects in the business world, that if we can utilize them, we can make what we do easier, or if not that, at least make us more successful. If you are more successful, then you are solving more problems for your customers, and as I always have believed, making the world a better, less stressed place.

I thought about it a bit and realized that it was true that I have not been giving enough time to sharing heat pump information with my friends. It’s a subject that I have devoted my life to. Heat pumps, when properly sized, save a ton of money heating and cooling water and air. If you ever have someone in your backyard make a blanket statement that swimming pool heat pumps don’t work here, while they are trying to sell you a propane heater, then you can easily say, “Show me the BTU’s per dollar.” If a pool heat pump works in Norway and Canada, then they will work in California and Italy for sure. A gallon of propane has 91,500 BTU’s. If your gas heater burns 3 gallons per hour then you will have payed $7.50 that day. Natural gas has 100,000 BTU’s per therm. Figure out what a therm costs where you live and do the math. If a heat pump has 136,000 BTU’s like my big pool and aquaculture heat pump does, and uses 6 KW an hour, and you pay 10 cents per KWH, then you will have spent $1.80 for three hours of running,and will have put 408,000 BTU’s into the pool. That is at the best test conditions, but you get the point. It is not mysterious, as it is just numbers. How much you pay, and then how much heat you get. The speed of the payback for new equipment can be amazingly fast.

I visited a friend in Massachusetts a few years ago to catch up on old times and swim in his pool. When I was a kid I would go to his home and watch as his dad and grandpa build a pool in his backyard. They were from the old country, and were expert stone masons. I am not sure if they knew how to build a pool, but it was fun to watch. The problem was, that they took 3 or 4 years to complete it, and before it was finished, my family moved to the other side of the country. I was so looking forward to swimming in that pool as a kid. It was supposed to be finished every year that I was there. He was the only kid that I knew in town with an inground big pool. 30 plus years later I was invited to visit him when I was in the area and he suggested a pool party. I brought barbeque supplies and drinks. My wife was excited to meet one of my childhood friends and my daughter was just excited just to go swimming. It was a beautiful sunny day in July with temperatures in the 80’s. When I first saw the pool I was so impressed. There was a huge stone wall at the back of the pool with water features and fountains. Behind the wall was a long shed that held the propane gas heater. Not a pool heat pump, but once in the water, “warm is warm” I thought. I jumped in, and was immediately shocked that the water was in the 60’s. That is freezing to me. I don’t want to exaggerate too much, but I thought that I had just fallen into the Arctic Sea while fishing for crab on the on a TV show. I was hoping someone would call the Coast Guard to save me. I think I said a bad word because I saw that look that I know too well on my wife’s face when I surfaced. Maybe a string of bad words. Not sure, as I was beginning to feel paralyzed. My words were a bit slurred. I thought I couldn’t swim in that cold of water but then realized that it didn’t matter, as I could just stand up and walk out, because I was in the children’s section. I turned to my dry friend laying in the sun, and asked why he had not turned on the propane heater to warm the pool for us? He looked at me like I was crazy, and said that I should know how expensive propane was. I obviously wasn’t propane worthy.

I hope you don’t freeze your guests, your fish or your marine mammals, you zoo guys out there. Humans like water in a narrow range. Fish grow better when they are happy. If you are shivering and squinting your eyes shut, then after a few years you will have laugh wrinkles around your eyes, and you won’t be laughing. Hey, I am not a plastic surgeon type doctor, but I played one during halloween when I was a kid. So this isn’t medical advice, but it is good host advice. Make people comfortable for a reasonable price, and you will be the life of the party. This goes for you hotel, motel, campground and resort type people. Warm guests are happy guests. They come back year after year. They buy cold drinks. If it costs too much to heat the pool then switch to heat pumps. Friends don’t let friends swim cold.

Have an amazing summer. Don’t pay $50,000 for a nice pool and then only use it for 2 weeks in July. January for all my South American buddies in the hospitality industry. As Frankenstein’s monster once said: “Warm pool good, Cold pool bad…..very bad.”

I was the first on the web offering heat pumps 20 years ago and am committed to getting you the best heat pumps at the best prices. Please let us know if you find it for less as we beat prices. We have been in the swimming pool heat pump industry since 1982 and have 1000’s all over the world. We care about our customers and are here for you if you need us even years from now. We also distribute all pool hardware, HVAC and Swimming pool supplies. Please let us quote you wholesale prices.

Did you have any other questions that I can help you with? We love to help with projects. 

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Aquaculture, hydroponic and Aquaponics backstage at Disney World in Orlando Florida

Here at Green Planet Supply we pride ourselves at well….being green. Our heat pumps heat and chill Aquaponic and Hydroponic farms using much less energy than almost any other method.  We also love to save hotels, motels, campgrounds and resorts money heating their swimming pools and spas with heat pumps. I was being happy with my family at Disney World, (the happiest place on earth) when I saw some of their guests trying to be green by hanging out their laundry on their hotel room porch. For some reason that didn’t make me happy. I know Disney generates lots of their electricity from solar panels to help their high air conditioning load, and they are doing what they can to be green. If you ever get a chance to take their private tour backstage at their aquaculture, hydroponic and aquaponic showcase please do it. They have done amazing things there raising huge healthy produce and fish using heat pumps to keep the water at just the right temperature. If you have solar panels and heat pump like they do then you have the best of both worlds. They can cool the water with the sunshine. Amazing. They say that their aquaculture area is has no negative environmental impact, and that they recycle 100% of their waste. I know that they made me recycle my wood toothpick. I wonder where that one will wind up? I hope not for someone else to spear their cucumber slice with? I am off topic though. Please dry your clothes in your room where I can’t see it, not outside at 90% + RH in Orlando, FL in the summer. That is the green thing to do in this case. It works better too. My room dried bathing suite proves that. Martha Stewart  approved. For all my agricultural type people out there, I will send free Giant sunflower seeds to anyone in the USA who will send me a photo of your giant gourd in October. The photos is of big healthy coffee plants. I will try to grow then as soon as my Aquaculture system is set up in the barn.

Have a great summer