Field FAS-6 - 6" Fresh Air Damper With Healthy Home System Control Plus

Item No.: FAS-6


Fresh Air Damper Features:

Field FAS-6 - 6" Fresh Air Damper With Healthy Home System Control Plus.

FAS (Fresh Air System) - The Fresh Air Damper is connected to the outside via duct and an intake air hood. It is then connected to the central HVAC system return. A Healthy Home System Control (HHSC+) is programmed to open the control on a schedule in conjunction with the central fan. The HHSC+ can also be connected to the 24v (FSE) Flue Sentinel Damper control and will open when the flue damper is open. As outside air enters the system through the damper, it is mixed with conditioned air and distributed throughout the house via the central ductwork. The Fresh Air Damper is closed when the HHSC+ signals that ventilation demands are satisfied or the call for fire has ended. It can also be closed manually from the HHSC+.

Model FAS-6 Includes:

Healthy Home System™ Control:

Fan/Vent ON and OFF delay settings.

1-199 minutes in 1 minute increments.

Unlimited setting for ON and OFF.


0.07 Amp

FAD Fresh Air Damper:


Stainless steel.

Power open/close in 15 sec. increments.

Fits 6" duct or pipe.


3 Watts


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