Heat Pump System for Koi Breeders

Heat Pump System for Koi Breeders

We respect and admire Koi breeders and their Koi. If you are a Koi breeder and you have reached this page is because you had been doing your homework and decided that you will be heating your pond to keep your fish healthier and less vulnerable to diseases during cold winter months or unusually colder marginal days during Spring and Fall. You had considered all different pond heating options like, gas, oil, submersible electric heaters, solar and had reached the option of heating with a heat pump or air source heater for koi pond applications.

These are some of the benefits of a Hydro Royal air source heat pump:

  • Environmentally friendly, they will use the heat from the air to heat up your pond and this means a renewable energy source. Even when it is cold outside there is still heat energy in the air to transfer to the Koi water. Green alternative to the environment.
  • Hydro Royal heat pumps use the new 410a gas that is safe to the environment.
  • Titanium heat exchanger. Titanium is safe for Koi. Avoid heat exchangers made out or containing other metals as they can be poisonous for your fish.
  • Hydro Royal heat pumps can effectively operate down to 40 F or less if you select a Heat & Cool model defrosting model.
  • Low energy bills from Hydro Royal as it has one of the highest COP in the industry. This means more efficiency in heat transfer and less cost on your electric bill.
  • Easy to set up. No initial cost of piping needed compared to gas and oil heaters.
  • Reliable slow steady heating release. Compared to solar systems that can be unreliable and strong heat bursts from gas and oil heaters.
  • Compared to to other heat pumps in the market. Hydro Royal warranty will not be voided if used for an aquaculture application. Our heat pumps are built to operate in natural ponds as long as they had been set up in the proper pond circulating system.

We can help you decide if a Hydro Royal aquaculture heat pump will be the best option for YOUR application. Each pond is different and breeder preferences are different as well. In order to receive a customized opinion from us with which model Hydro Royal heat pump will fit you best please fill the form below. We promise to respond shortly. If you prefer give as a call at 1 888 205 7766.

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