Sweet Dreams Program

Sweet Dreams Program

Sweet Dreams Program

Thank you for choosing our Company. We feel that it is important for you to know that a percentage of each sale will be donated to our charity: "The Sweet Dreams Program".

We send this money plus our own to purchase beds for at risk children in Peru.

Over the last 10 years we have bought 100's of beds for these neglected children.

The children live on remote barren dirt hills, most with no running water or electricity.

They sleep on dirt floors exposing them to harsh winter temperatures, rodents and insects; Lima Peru in the winter is humid and cold.

A lot of these kids suffer from respiratory problems and other related illnesses.

Each bed will help insure that there will be one less suffering child at night and will give hope of a better childhood with less illnesses, a fresh start, better emotional development and most importantly they will have a secure and safe place to spend the night.

We travel there to make sure the money is being used only to help children and not for any other purpose.

Please, click the image bellow to find out more about our philanthropy program and to get more information on how to participate too:

Sweet Dreams Program

It's GISELLA Miller's birthday. She proposed the creation of the Sweet Dreams Program, and is the program's main promoter. Thanks to Gisella, and her husband Marc, many kids from the hills have their own beds.. This great woman lives in the United States, and we pray for her and her family, many blessings! 🥳

We donate a portion of every heat pump sale to buy beds for children.

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