Aquaculture Water Heating

Aquaculture Water Heating

In the aquaculture industry there are several different types of water heaters and coolers. Below are the most used methods available. Please contact us for pricing and availability:

Water Immersion Heaters

by Process Technology

Easy installation, heater is immersed in the water. Available in stainless steel for fresh water and titanium for salt water applications. Our aquaculture immersion heaters come with an eight-foot (2.5m) electric cord (plug not included) in all sizes up to 3500 watts. Sizes 5000 watts and higher come with electrical wire and conduit. Comes with a built-in heat sensitive temperature protector for safety

Extremely reliable, high quality product.

Aquaculture Heat Exchangers

by Process Technology and Technical Heat Transfer Services

Process Technology heat exchangers and heating/cooling coils are designed for either fresh water (316 stainless steel) or salt water (titanium) applications. A wide variety of standard and custom configurations are available. Standard heat exchangers are for in-tank applications, however, we also have inline designs for circulation requirements. Excellent engineering and design assistance is available upon request.

The brazed plate heat exchanger of Technical Heat Transfer Services is the most advanced form of the compact plate heat exchanger especially designed for a wide range of applications in both process and hydronic applications. These heat exchangers are also widely used for refrigeration applications as evaporators, condensers and sub-cooler

The brazed plate heat exchanger has a simple operating principle. Based on the plate and nozzle orientation, each fluid passes through alternative channels within the heat exchanger. All plate material and nozzles are Stainless Steel 316 with 99.9% copper used for brazing the heat exchanger together. Good for plants but poisonous to fish.

An extremely high heat transfer coefficient is attained due to the flow characteristics in each channel. A specially designed and tested chevron pattern causes a turbulent flow of the fluid resulting in higher heat transfer.

Aquaculture Solar Water Heating

By, Hydro Royal Solar

Solar panels for aquaculture use. By harvesting the sun's heat and transferring it to your pond or tank you can reduce heating expenses in your fish farm. Our panels are high grade quality and suitable for fresh and salt water aquaculture applications. With these system you can heat a large volume of water in a safe, clean, cost free way.

Aquaculture Heat Pumps

By Hydro Royal Breeder Heat Pumps

An aquaculture heat pump will transfer the heat (or cool) the water from the outside air and move it into the water. The heat exchanger is made out of titanium will protect your unit against corrosion if you have a salt water application. Titanium is also a safe material for fish.

Safe and reliable, you will be able to exactly monitor your water's temperature with the digital temperature display and troubleshoot any problems with a readable display. Heating and cooling option available as well. You will be able to cool and heat your water in the same season by an easy to use thermostat. There are several model variations in size and capabilities so that you will find the right unit for your application. they have the best warranty on the market. No minimum tank size needed, the largest unit will also be suitable for a small tank with the advantage of more capacity with faster heating and cooling if needed.

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