Geothermal for Farming or Industry

An alternative heating & cooling solution for Aquaculture, Greenhouses and Agricultural applications


The idea of using water source geothermal to control the temperature in green houses located in colder climate is very beneficial as a low operating cost alternative for areas where fossil fuel or electricity is not economical. In addition, greenhouses are suitable to large quantities of low temperature heat (40F and above). You can also derived better humidity control to prevent mildew and other diseases derived from condensation.


We can use geothermal technology for fish farms or other aquaculture fields where the ambient temperature in tanks, raceway or ponds needs to be controlled to enhanced production rates. Most of the species that can benefit from this are carp, catfish, bass, tilapia, frogs, mullet, eels, salmon, sturgeon, shrimp, lobster, crayfish, crabs, oysters, clams, scallops. mussels and abalone.

Water source geothermal for aquaculture, greenhouses and farming is much easier if there is a lake or body of water in the area or if it's possible to drill a well. Once installed and working, the original investment will be paid back fast in operating saving costs. It is also a solution in areas where fossil fuel or electricity are not economical. Installation is also simple and can be completed with off the shelve supplies. When using a geothermal system is also important to consider a back up system for peak heat like a low emission wood furnace. We have been working with geothermal technology since 1982. Please contact us if you have any questions.


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