Desuperheater Option For Residential Hot Water

Desuperheater Option For Residential Hot Water

All our Hydro Royal geothermal heat pump models have a desuperheater option available per special request. We can also provide the pump for the desuperheater as well. The cost for the desuperheater option is $425.00 and the desuperheater pump is $195.00

What is a desuperheater and how does it work?

A desuperheater is a secondary heat exchanger that is part of your geothermal heat pump system and only operates when your system is running. It has the capability of transferring the heat from the ground and moving it to your hot water tank in the winter and transferring the heat collected form your indoor space and transferring to your hot water tank in the summer time. The idea is to recycle the "waste" heat produced by your geothermal unit and transfer it to your residential home water tank. When the geothermal system is inactive there must be a back up system like gas or electric to complete the heating cycle needed for your hot water tank as the desuperheater is there to assist your existing water heater system.

How do I know if I can have a desuperheater with my geothermal application?

If you are ordering a new geothermal heat pump system, it's a good moment to consider all the options available to your system by the manufacturer. One of these options is the desuperheater. Some people are happy with the way their hot water is supplied to their home and do not wish to make any changes. Others have the hot water tank installed too far from the installation site of the Geothermal unit.

Are there any significant savings by using a desuperheater?

Yes. During the summer time the cost of the heated water will be almost free. The desuperheater will be collecting the heat that otherwise would be removed from your home. The only expense involved will be the cost of running the pump for this system .

During the winter time, depending on your hot water system the savings will vary but you can expect up to 75% in savings, sometimes even more.

Download Hydro Royal Desuperheater Connection Manual. File in PDF format.

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