Hot Water Storage Buffer Tanks


Price: $495.00

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Product Description

The Hydro-Connect system controls the pumps and/or zone valves on either side of the tank. The distribution system (e.g. radiant floor, fan coils, etc.) is connected to one side, and the heat pump/backup boiler to the other.


All control packages include a tank temperature controller, zone panel for up to six zones, and terminal strips for connection to external devices. Hydro-Connect controls are standard with the following features:

  • Outdoor Temperature Reset
  • CWSD and WWSD (Cold Weather Shutdown and Warm Weather Shutdown)
  • Central wiring: All thermostats, heat pump(s), and zone valves or pumps are wired to the control panel
  • Up to 3 stages of heating/2 stages of cooling, including backup boiler output
  • Color controller display, indicating heating/cooling demand, operation mode, and input/output status
  • External indicator lights for zone operation
  • Zoning with pumps or zone valves (2, 3, or 4 wire valves)
  • Variable speed pumping with zone valves
  • Pump exercise operation (when zoning with pumps)
  • Fused zone board
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