Pool Heat Pump

CROSSWIND 40-I, 33,500 / 5.6, 31,700 / 5.5, 17,750 / 4.0, COP BTU’s/COP

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Crosswind 30-I, 40-I, 50-I, 65-I

Enjoy the perfect temperature with ease.

The Crosswind pool and spa heater is designed with intelligence, whisper quiet operation and energy efficiency. Crosswind’s inverter technology automatically adjusts and controls your pool temperature, to save energy and money. With its whisper quiet operation, you will forget it’s there. The compact size makes installation a breeze.

Inverter Technology

Powered by Inverter Technology, the Crosswind can intelligently adjust your pool or spa temperature automatically based on heating demand. At heater start up the Crosswind Inverter will run at full capacity for fast heating of your pool or spa. Once the heater reaches the desired temperature it will automatically shift into maintenance mode. In maintenance mode the Crosswind Inverter runs at a lower heating capacity while maintaining your set temperature.

The ability to modulate temperature means the system can adjust its heating capacity in small increments to maintain a constant temperature. Resulting in energy efficient performance, quieter run times and the perfect water temperature.

Whisper Quiet

When you are enjoying your pool and spa the only sounds you should hear are laughter or serenity. The Crosswind is built with a quiet inverter compressor coupled with a low speed fan motor. Which results in whisper quiet operation.

Heat and Cool

Double your fun, during those really hot summer days. The Crosswind can cool your pool to an enjoyable temperature. Heat and Cool Mode means you can enjoy your pool all year long.

Energy Efficient Inverter Technology

In addition to more precise temperature control, inverter technology results in higher efficiencies and cost savings.

Inverter technology modulates based on the cooling/heating needs, resulting in energy savings.

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