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Flow Center Geothermal 1 Pump Complete Non Pressurized B & D Ground Source Loop

Price: $1,098.00

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Product Description

Flow Center Geothermal 1 Pump Complete Non Pressurized B & D Ground Source Loop
1 pump, 230 Voltage, 1.07 Amps, 1/6 HP, Inlet Outlet Size 1″ Swivel (FPT) 34″ HT X 14.75″ W X 7.5″ D

Manufacturer’s 5 Year Warranty
Air Separation Chamber
Removable Lid
Solid Durable Construction
Built In Check Valve
Swivel Connectors
Foam Insulation
Wall Bracket
Manufactured in the USA

Our company can also advice and provide you with other accessories like Fusion Couplings, Elbows, Bushings, Tees, Headers, Caps. Compression Fittings & Manifolds with your order.

A Smart Addition to Geothermal Technology

Choosing geothermal technology is an investment for

every homeowner. Why not give them the best reliability

and function that only the QT® Flow Center offers. Built

right here in the USA with only the best parts and materials,

it’s backed with a 5 year warranty. Its non-pressurized

design provides years of customer satisfaction with no

call backs for low loop pressure. When selecting a closed loop

circulator, choose the company who innovated the

non-pressurized Flow Center.

One Complete Package

The QT® Flow Center’s unique design continually

purges air from the earth loop in an air separation

chamber. Fluid can be checked or added at any time

through its removable lid. The unit is equipped with 1”

swivel connector fittings for ease of installation. The QT®

comes with either one or two high quality Grundfos Wet

Circulator pumps. Ball valves are included for simplified

servicing. Everything is packaged neatly into an

insulated cabinet that stands approximately 36” high.

Simple Installation

Because the QT® Flow Center is completely assembled

at the factory, installation is simple. Just connect the

return line from an earth loop to a swivel connector on

top of the QT®. Then, using a hose connection kit, install

the supply line from the QT® to the ground source heat

pump unit. The QT® can even purge your earth loop

with the use of valved manifolds installed in the home.

Easy to Operate & Maintain

A built-in check valve holds water in the pump(s) even

if the canister runs low. The QT® includes a self-sealing

feature that keeps dirt and debris out and water in. For

you, that means trouble-free operation, easier installation,

and fewer call backs. For the homeowner, that’s added

reliability and peace of mind. Checking or adding

antifreeze is easy. Just remove the self-sealing lid and

take your sample or add more fluid. Flow rates can be

taken at the QT® using a Flow Meter Tool

Since the only moving part of the system is the pump(s),

service is minimal, and easy to perform without risk of

fluid loss or air entering the system.