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Geothermal 3/4″ X 800′ X 6 Loop Kit HDPE Slinky Pipe Coil Ground Source .75″

Price: $1,848.00

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Product Description

Geothermal 3/4″ X 800′ X 6 Loop Kit You are bidding on Six coils for a geothermal heat pump HDPE Slinky Pipe Coil Ground Source Loop SDR 11 160 PSI

Geothermal loop used for underground water or heat liquid transfer systems.

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3/4″ High Density Polyethylene Pipe Coils

SDR 11 – 160 PSI – HDPE 3408

Certified by NSF to meet its highest standard for polyethylene pipe (NSF 14)

50 Year non-prorated warranty

Meets IGSHPA standards for geothermal installations

Manufactured by Centennial Plastics Inc