Hot Water Storage Buffer Tanks


Price: $5,995.00

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Product Description

B & D Manufacturing offers complete storage tank systems. The HSS Series is available in 12, 20, 30, 40 and 60 gallon sizes. Inlet and outlet pumps, manifolding, and controls are included. These items are special order only, so get with your TM about pricing for your specific need.

  • Available Sizes: HSS -12, HSS -20, HSS -30, HSS -40, HSS -60, HSS -80
  • 1 1/4”, 1 1/2” or 2” inlet & 3/4” or 1” ball valve outlets
  • Water temperature not to exceed 150 degree max
  • Designed for 6 to 10 gallons per ton of buffer volume
  • 115V pump on Hydronic Heat side
  • 230V pump with Water side
  • Hydronic pump relay standard sensor for One Stage Heat, Twostage Heat or Heating & Cooling built in
  • Pump selection based on flow and foot of head per circuit
  • Water side only 3 heat pump circuit max
  • Hydronic 26/99-3 is a three speed pump (low-med-hi)
  • * All HSS Buffer Tanks are custom made and are made to order.


System DESCRIPTION 4 Ton W2W Heat-Cool
Tank Size, Gallons 20
Total Number of Hydronic Circuits 5
>6 Hydronic Circuits add Second Controller N/A
Hydro Circuits with 15-58 for Heat Only 3
Hydro Circuits with 15-58 for Heat and Cool 2
Total Number of Water to Water Circuits 1
W/W Circuits with 26-99 1
Heat Pump Controls: 2 -Heat/Cool
Supply with a 2 inch Manifold Y
Using Two-stage Compressor Y
List Price $7,467
Note *:-  HSS Series Budgetary Price Guide, Not to be used for actual system ordering All purchase orders must include B & D Manufacturing provided project specification sheet Contact inside sales, 618-690-3270 for further information and to specify your system
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