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Mitsubishi Ductless Mini Split 19.2 SEER 17,200 BTU/H Cooling & Heating

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Product Description

Mitsubishi Ductless Mini Split 19.2 SEER 17,200 BTU/H Cooling & Heating


Single-Room Wall-Mounted Heat Pump Lineup (cooling and heating) 


  • INVERTER-driven compressor
  • Provides cooling and heating in a widerange of capacities
  • Wireless remote controller
  • WIDE Vane bottom for a wider angle of air flow, 150° fromleft to right (on GA24/D30/D36 models)
  • Ideal for applications such as:
    – Bedrooms, home offices, living rooms,dining rooms, bonus rooms, basements,kitchens, guard houses and more


Limited warranty: Seven-year warranty on compressor. Five-year warranty on parts.

Additional Information

Standard Wall-mounted System Features:


  • Easy Installation
    – 3” hole access to connect indoor unit with outdoor unit
    – Indoor unit powered from three wires connected to outdoor unit
    – Discreetly mounted high on a wall for out of sight comfort control
  • Catechin and Anti-allergen enzyme filters for high air-purification capabilities
  • “Powerful Mode” function permits system to temporarily run at a lower/higher temperaturewith an increased fan speed, which quickly brings the room to the optimum comfort level
  • Self-check function with onboard diagnostics
  • Advanced microprocessor control
  • Auto restart following a power outage
  • Wireless remote controller