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Spiral, Coiled Tube Copper Nickel Heat Exchanger 3 Plus ton Aquaculture Geothermal

Price: $749.00

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Product Description

Copper Nickel Heat Exchanger Spiral Coil 3 Plus Ton Good for Geothermal, Aquaculture, Chiller Applications.

35 lbs 36,000 BTU range

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Spiral Tube (Coiled Tube) Heat Exchangers are widely used in swimming pool equipment, aquarium chiller, marine refrigerant units, Air source heat pump,water source heat pump, aquaculture, pharmacy, the food industry , electroplating industry and some heat recovery from the waste water or exhaust gas.


Longitudinal fins assure maximum heat transfer with low pressure drop.

Spirally-wound fins give free passage for condensing or evaporating fluids and gasses.

Spirally-wound applied fins assure easy tube bending and coil formation without deformation of parent tube wall.

Solder-bonded fins yield high heat transfer.

Applied fin construction permits use of various tube materials: copper, cupro-nickel, stainless steel, titanium and others as needed for various fluids and for corrosive or sanitary applications.

Applied fin is applicable on either option: solid wall tube or double-wall vented tube (for potable water code requirements).