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OLDER THAN 04B169 = All Analog units have mechanical Thermostat and no digital pocket so digital upgrade requires an external Upgrade Kit - (see below) with additional wiring and based on age of 10 years plus and service life remaining we recommend replacement with new unit for digital and wireless upgrade. TimerStats are no longer available and TimerStat Plus is not compatible. Mechanical Thermostats as well as time delays are available - see PARTS/KITS service parts part number 5E310 (thermostat) and part number 2U208 (Time Delay replacement kit).

04B169 and HIGHER = Gray Cabinet with Digital Pocket can UPGRADE to DIGITAL or TIMERSTAT PLUS . UP TO 10E060 = ALL ANALOG UNITS are Equipped with Mechanical Thermostat & time delay and can upgrade to either TimerStat Plus or DIGITAL

10E061 to 14B041 = ALL ANALOG UNITS are Equipped with TimerStat instead of mechanical Thermostat and can easily upgrade to DIGITAL. TimerStats are no longer available and must be replaced with EITHER a retrograde back to a mechanical thermostat and time delay OR a TimerStat Plus which is compatible but requires additional 24 volt control box wiring harness. We recommend DIGITAL upgrade if Timerstat needs replaced.

14B041 and HIGHER = ALL ANALOG UNITS Equipped with TIMERSTAT PLUS are simple to UPGRADE TO DIGITAL with no additional wire harness, just removal of two jumper wires and reconnection of wires in the control box.

04B169 is the Magic Serial Number Even though the first digital Heat Siphon was shipped in 2005, the digital pocket was in all units made in early 2004 and beyond. Analog Models withserial numbers starting 04B169 and newer should look like picture on LEFT and have a small Digital Pocket with a blank door . They will need the newer Digital Door with Harness Upgrade kit. Older analog models such as the one pictured on right have no door and must use the External upgrade kit shown below:

Digital Pocket requires Digital Door w/Harness
Upgrade Kit
Older Analog Models with NO Pocket require External Upgrade Kit

If your Heat Siphon is an OLDER (2003 and earlier) ANALOG MODEL you can use this External Upgrade Kit to convert to

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