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The following are provided to pool owners for INFORMATION ONLY. To properly install a HARDWIRED POD (Pool Operating Device) you must enlist the help of a LICENSED ELECTRICIAN and or QUALIFIED POOL DEALER.


J-Type Hardwired POD (Pool Operating Device) Using software and hardware ALREADY BUILT INTO your DIGITAL D, DX, Z or C series HEAT SIPHON’s PLAYER CONTROL BOARD, your J-POD Accessory Kit adds PUMPJUMP™ off cycle heating to maintain your pool at temperature 24 hours/day - 7 days/week - EVEN WHEN YOUR POOL PUMP TIME CLOCK HAS THE PUMP OFF.

J-POD is designed to enable the “PumpJump™” feature built into your Heat Siphon Player Control to ensure that your pool temperature will be maintained even when you scheduled your pump to be off. It does this by turning your pool pump on every 30 minutes and briefly running it long enough to clear the plumbing lines and check the temperature. If the water is still warm, the pump is shut off. If the pool water is more than 1.5° F below set-point, the pool pump will continue to run and your Heat Siphon will turn on and run until the pool reaches temperature. Then both Heat Siphon and pump will shut off.

J-POD PumpJump (Time Clock Override) Hardwired Controller T-POD Pool Pump w/PumpJump 
Hardwired Controller
S-POD Pool/Spa 3 way Valve
& Pump Hardwired Controller


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