Pool Heat Pump

C200HP 48,000 BTU’s, 6.0 COP (80/80/80) Single Phase, Analog, 200/220 volt 60Hz. Heat Only. FREE SHIPPING

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Product Description


ANALOG MODELS are LOWER COST with a simple “Set It & Forget It” design – SINGLE KNOB on an electronic thermostat with a simple 24 volt control circuit

✔ POOL SPA COMBO – A single knob analog thermostat requires manual re-setting to pool or spa setpoint

✔ AUTOMATION SYSTEM HOOKUP – Simple low voltage control circuit for easy hard-wired hookup to all third party pool/spa controllers

✔ EASY UPGRADE PATH to DIGITAL just UNPLUG the door and PLUG IN the Add-On PLAYER UPGRADE KIT & turn your analog unit DIGITAL anytime in the future !



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