Heat Siphon Pool Heat Pump Warranty Information

Heat Siphon Pool Heat Pump Warranty Information



Other manufacturers may offer you a "better" warranty based on the "YEARS" they guarantee selected parts but then they PRORATE your warranty and reduce their coverage based on how old your heater is. After a few years you may end up paying ALL OR MOST OF THE REPAIR COST!! WHAT ARE THEY REALLY WARRANTING? - ASK THEM - THEN COMPARE! Here is Heat Siphon's Warranty - NO QUESTIONS ASKED : All parts in the Heat Siphon are warranted for two (2) years material and labor except as follows: The compressor is warranted for five (5) years - NOT PRORATED - A FULL FIVE YEARS - PERIOD!! - HEAT SIPHON WILL REPLACE THE COMPRESSOR FREE - LABOR AND PARTS! - WE KNOW OF NO OTHER POOL HEAT PUMP MANUFACTURER WHO DOES THAT! The condenser is warranted CORROSION FREE for the LIFE of the Heat Siphon. If the heat exchanger CORRODES AND THE UNIT IS A WASHOUT - HEAT SIPHON WILL GIVE YOU A NEW UNIT! - NO QUESTIONS ASKED - AND WE KNOW OF NO OTHER POOL HEAT PUMP MANUFACTURER WHO DOES THAT!

Limited Factory Warranty

United States ThermoAmp Inc. warrants to the original owner that the Heat Siphon to be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of two (2) years from the date installed, except for the water side heat exchanger internal titanium which is warranted to be corrosion free for the LIFE OF THE HEAT SIPHON REGARDLESS OF POOL WATER CHEMISTRY, and except for the compressor which is warranted for five (5) years PARTS AND LABOR. This warranty does not include the repair of damage due to negligence, abuse, improper installation, use with in floor cleaning systems, improper operation, environment, accident, failure to drain and winterize the heat exchanger, corrosion of any parts external to the heat exchanger or other conditions beyond the normal intended use of the unit. This warranty does not include the furnishing of refrigerant or other expendable material.

This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, written or oral. This warranty applies only to Heat Siphons installed within the United States of America. There are no implied warranties of merchantability of fitness for a particular purpose that apply to this product. United States ThermoAmp Inc. will replace or repair at its option, F.O.B. factory, freight prepaid, any of our parts that prove defective if such parts are returned to our plant, freight prepaid, within the applicable warranty period specified herein. It is agreed that such replacement or repair is the exclusive remedy available from United States ThermoAmp Inc. Unless authorized by United States ThermoAmp Inc. and performed by a Factory Authorized Service Center, United States ThermoAmp Inc. is not liable for any labor involved in the removal of defective parts or the installation of replacement parts unless performed by a factory authorized service center where available. United States ThermoAmp Inc. is not liable for any damages of any sort whatsoever, including incidental and consequential damages. Parts returned under terms of this warranty will be repaired or replaced and returned transportation charges prepaid within the United States by best and most economical means.

Nationwide Service Center Network

Heat Siphon has been manufacturing for over 35 years and over that time they have built up a network of factory authorized repair centers that are contracted for refrigeration system repair both in and out of warranty. Chances are that you already have one in your area.

In the unlikely event that you need service on your newly installed or existing Heat Siphon, we will promptly dispatch a technician. Usually within 24 to 48 hours of your call.

Even if you need service and your not close to one of the already established Heat Siphon Factory Authorized Service Center in your area, we'll find one or use one you are familiar with, and get your Heat Siphon up and running in no time.

Heat Siphon will even help you solve non-Heat Siphon water flow and wiring problems our competitotrs call nuisance calls.

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