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Geothermal 1.25″ X 2-305′ X 2 loop 1220′ KIT HDPE U Bend Pipe Coil Ground Source

Price: $1,234.95

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Product Description

Geothermal 125″ X 2-305′ X 2 Loops 1220 total feet 1 1/4 inch. SPECIAL ORDER DELAY SHIPPING You are bidding on two loops. For geothermal heat pump HDPE U Bend Pipe Coil Ground Source Loop SDR11 160PSI

Geothermal loop used for underground water or heat liquid transfer systems. Ready to install, no need of fusing pipe to fittings. These pipes had been fused under a climate controlled environment at the factory.

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Our company can also advice and provide you with loop accessories like Fusion Couplings, Elbows, Solenoid Valves, Bushings, Buffer Tanks, Flow Centers, Tees, Headers, Caps. Compression Fittings & Manifolds with your order.

Narrowest pipe on the market today.

Save time and prevent human error from in-field fusions

Manufactured and assembled for your depth of bore hole

U-Bend coils will allow smaller diameter bore holes

Fitting vents allow material to be displaced as the bullet fitting is inserted into the bore holes

Knock-outs provided for directional/horizontal boring applications