Hydro Royal Pool Heat Pumps

Hydro Royal Pool Heat Pumps

HR SERIES Pool Heat Pumps

Hydro Royal is dedicated to developing and manufacturing the finest heat pumps to conserve energy and protect the environment. With a quarter of a century of production of heat pumps, Hydro Royal has set the standard. Hydro Royal's test facility rigidly checks each heat pump during every step of manufacturing. All units are run-tested to assure efficiency and reliability. Quality is assured through Hydro Royal's years of experience, research & development and continuous testing.

Hydro Royal Pool Heat Pump HR Series in stock!

Ships out same day if order placed before noon EST. Models available in 60 Hertz, Single Phase and 220 Volts. Please contact us for 3 Phase option or 50 Hertz.

Manufacturer's Warranty valid in Continental USA. All others please contact us for warranty information.

For other size options or chiller options please contact us.

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Hydro Royal Pool heat pump Model Specifications:

HR110 Model Specifications

HR125 Model Specifications

HR150 Model Specifications

    Hydro Royal Pool Heat Pump Features


    Your heat pump's cabinet is made from a maintenance-free, rust-free plastic that is UV resistant. It will last for years and any dirt or dust may simply be wiped away with a cloth or sprayed off with a water hose. The use of a product such as Armor- All will restore its natural luster. DO NOT USE CLEANERS THAT CONTAIN ALCOHOL


    State-of-the-art LCD readout control. Displays mode and temperature of the water for ease of operation. No programming to learn. Dual thermostats allow user to set pool, spa or tank temperatures. The control is self-diagnostic and will display a fault if there is a problem. Other features include: lockout, spa timer, automatic low temperature defrost and remote control capabilities.


    The unit is equipped with a low RPM fan motor in combination with a deep drawn venturi to ensure whisper quiet operation.


    The heat pump utilizes the latest in compressor technology to produce the highest efficiency available when coupled with the over-sized enhanced fin evaporator coil.


    The unit is equipped with easy-to-install, hand-tightened unions for a quick and trouble-free installation. The unions will accept 2" PVC piping. The electrical connection is made with one entry directly into the control box for a quick hook-up and a neat appearance.


    The heat pump was designed for quick and easy access for installation and diagnosis. The service panel is removed with two screws and access to all service connections is right up front and easy to reach. This allows the installation and service to be done quickly and efficiently - so valuable time is not wasted.

Why Should I Choose A Hydro Royal pool heat pump?

Proudly built in the USA

Hydro Royals are made in North Fort Myers, Florida by G&F Manufacturing. They are a third generation family run company and have been heating pools for over 25 years.

Meets and Surpasses ARI Testing Standards!

Hydro Royals are made in North Fort Myers, Florida by G&F Manufacturing. They are a third generation family run company and have been heating pools for over 25 years.

All-Titanium heat exchanger

Avoids corrosion and has coated components for salty environment applications.

Intelligent Control and Design

Hydro Royals GPS affordable spa automation isolates the spa, energizes the pump & switches thermostats . The unit has plug-ins for 2 actuators. Wireless options are available

Ultra quiet operation at 56 db. R410-A Refrigerant

Hydro Royals have a quiet scroll compressor. The commercial grade fan motor has been designed for quiet operation. Only 56db while in operation.

Best Warranty in the market! Excellent customer service!

Hydro Royal HR Series of pool heat pumps offers a limited 2/10 factory warranty.

Hydro Royal pool heat pump Installation Manual

Installation and Owners Manual

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We all have different needs that have to be considered so that we make sure your pool is warm and your family is comfortable and happy.

If you have a swimming pool with a unique design, or the pool is built on terrain, higher or lower than the house ground level or maybe you have a very large swimming pool with a spa or water feature attached?

Perhaps you need your swimming pool to have a very specific temperature because you use it for medical reasons or need to exercise an all kinds of weather? Maybe you have an indoor pool?

For any of the reasons mentioned above or maybe some conditions that we didn't cover. We are here to help.

My name is Marcus Miller and I’m a heat pump professional with over 38 years of experience in heating and cooling air and water. I can help you choose the right pool heat pump for your specific needs. You can talk to me directly on my cell at 360 348 7574 or text so we can chat.

marc@heatpumpheroes.com Who is Marcus Miller?

Troubleshooting Guide

A simple test to verify that your heater is functioning is to place your hand above the unit. There should be cool air blowing out of the top after approximately a 5 minute time delay. The water returning to the pool should be a few degrees warmer than water entering the heater. After about 15 minutes of run time, there should be water draining out of the base of the unit. If you have reason to believe your heater is not functioning properly, follow the troubleshooting guide below:

Warranty Information

A word about what your pool guy might say on warranty, installation and other things...
(per Marcus Miller)

"Your pool guy is not licensed or able to service your heat pump once it is installed.
You need an HVAC refrigeration person for that.

So, the same heat pump that I get you, or your pool guy gets will be serviced by the same someone that the manufacturer sends out. As a product owner you will contact them to register your product with them and start a service call if there is an issue in the future.
You will have a manufacturer's customer service number to assist you with trouble shooting, questions, or you can always call us at anytime.

All the manufacturers know who I am.

Most of the head engineers from all the companies know me too. I have a lot of cell phone numbers. Some for 25 years. When I call a manufacturer they are very motivated to take care of my customer. They will not know who your pool guy is.

The installation for most heat pump is to glue 2 water pipes and call a licensed electrician to finish the hook up. It is not rocket science. Very easy.

And I'm always around to answer any questions.
We want you to save money and we want you to be happy with a properly heated pool"

You can follow Marcus Miller on Linkedin:

His advice has helped thousands of pool owners in different applications worldwide.
Marc Miller is a Heat Pump expert for geothermal, aquaculture and pool heat pump applications


We invite you to contact us for more information, advice and help. At heatpumpsuppliers.com we understand that your aqua cultural heat pump application will be unique and that it will need to be tailored to your specific needs. We  will work in constant direct contact with the factory engineers to help you design the best possible system for your application. We are ready to assist you.

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