Who is Marcus Miller?

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Marcus Miller
Marcus Miller has a guiding presence throughout our website by writing original content and answering website guest questions, based on his 37 years experience in the field; (he started working the trade as a teenager). He also is available to personally help you over the phone, by text or email, in case you need help selecting a pool heat pump for your unique application. Something that we have learned over the 20 years on the web, is that you can not generalize the amount of BTU’s needed for a specific swimming pool size. There are many variables and Marcus knows all of them.

Our ultimate goal is that you complete your swimming pool heat pump selection perfectly the first time and have many years of tropical fun and recreation in your backyard.

He is also available to help with Aquaculture, aquaponic heat pumps, and Geothermal heat pump, sizing, selection and installation questions. Maybe you want a geothermal pool heat pump or maybe you want a natural swimming pool with aquatic life to support the pool system instead of using chemicals and will need an aquaculture type water heating heat pump.

Maybe you just need a swimming pool or spa heat pump. That is the most common selection that we see from our customers.

Mr. Miller has personally selected all the units advertised on our site as his personal favorites. We will not advertise anything without his seal of approval. He knows the factory owners and engineers, and many high executives on a personal basis. He has seen how each factory handles customer service and warranty support. He doesn’t like changes on warranties after your purchase, limited warranties, skimpy labor support or fine print. Sometimes with some of our pre season special offers Mr. Miller can ask the factory to start your warranty when you open your pool. You must ask for that before you buy as it is not available on all brands at all times.

Please ask us about that. That is an exclusive to only us on certain brands, because he personally goes above and beyond for our customers. It seems just fair, that if you are under three feet of snow and wish to plan your spring pool time earlier than everybody else; that you receive your heat pump earlier to avoid the spring traffic and production delays, that you would be punished with a few month less of a warranty just because you are proactive and a good planner. Just store the swimming pool heat pump in your garage or barn until you are ready. Do not miss any warranty. Call the factory the day of installation to activate it. Marcus also travels and visits the manufacturers on a regular basis. If you have some of our Aquaculture heat pumps and want a visit please let him know. He likes to visit the farms of the future.

Marcus started doing HVAC service and repair back in 1981. He serviced air conditioners first and later started servicing pool heat pumps when they first appeared in the USA. He has retired from the trade and now does consulting services for the Aquaculture, pool and Geothermal industries. Swimming Pool heat pumps arrived in the early 1980's and changed the way we all heat our pools. It made it possible to keep a daily heated pool consistently for low a cost instead of getting stressed out with high propane bills.

The idea of our superheroes as a website theme was based on the way we feel at work sometimes. We do not like to see injustice, abuse, or inflated prices that harm our customers. We had been fighting to bring fair prices, good warranties and the best customer service to our heat pump family since 1998 when we started advertising online. We have a long documented history in this industry with a solid reputation and will be around for a long time. We are here for you after the sale as then you become part of our heat pump family.

Marcus currently lives in outside Seattle, WA USA, with his wife and their daughter. He still plays ice hockey and during his free time he loves to garden, take care of his 4 dogs, and attend to his fruit trees. He also loves to grow giant pumpkins, which can be very challenging to move after they are full grown, but are beautiful and taste great. If you want one of his 1000 plus pound seeds, just send a stamped self addressed envelope to us and he will send some to you. He will want photos in October though.
You can follow his thoughts and posts and learn more about him through his linkedin account. He is a publisher of many articles and posts for Linkedin.

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