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Pool Heat Pump Reviews

We value all our customers and we strive everyday to meet their expectations. We want them to make the right choice when choosing a new pool heat pump for their swimming pools. We put a lot of thought on each inquiry that we receive and we consider many factors other than just the size of your pool when helping you find the right size pool heat pump for you.
Below are some of the testimonials we had received and wanted to share with you.

Great Job Steve. Just the way I like to see them. Best,
Marcus Miller President Heat Pump Suppliers Green Planet Supply

Steve in Massachusetts bought Hydroroyal HR150RA May 19th 2024

Mike from near St. Lewis, Missouri
Great Job Mike. Have a great tropical summer.
Best, Marcus

Just want to let you know everything is working perfect. The unit was simple to wire and is a breeze to operate. The unit arrived on a lift gate truck in pristine condition, and the driver was very helpful. I’ve attached a few pics, however I am giving this pool equipment area a facelift and will send more photos for your posts. I do have a question; is there a way to control the heat pump other than the thermostat or just manually switching it off. My VS pump does not run 24 hrs/day. When the pump shuts off between programs, the heat pump will throw a fault for water flow. I currently switch the heat pump off manually until I need it again. Any way to leave the heat pump on all the time regardless of the pool pump?
Thanks for your help!

04/15/2024 Michael in Las Vegas Nevada
Hi Marcus:
All went well and it cranked right up and is doing great. The heater arrived safe and sound; the inner box was effective because none of the fins were bent.
Best, Michael

Beautiful job Mike. I am very impressed with your PVC work.

David in Georgia with the WIFI Antenna Kit

Wow. Great job piping and mounting the WiFi antenna David. Have a great summer.

Robert in Georgia Customer Review
Works great! Thanks for a great experience Marcus!

I love the way you piped it Robert. Clean and straight like I like to see. Have a great season. Best, Marcus

Randy from Colorado new Hydroroyal HR110RA installation February 2024.
Good job Randy. You used the tough blue glue to make sure there are no leaks. Have a great season.

Rick in Texas in December
Great install and Video Rick for your Hydro-Royal pool heat pump

James in Delray Beach says:
Heating fast. The old Hayward heater was only 82k btu. No wonder it took so long to heat up!

Great clean piping and installation on your huge Hydro-Royal HR150TA heat and cool. Have a great Season.
Best, Marcus

Shane’s swimming pool heat pump in Nevada City, California.
Great Job Shane. I love the way you used your Pentair pool automation with the Hydroroyal pool heat pump.
Great clean job. We are here for you if you need anything.
Best, Marcus Miller

Gary's Raypak Crosswind pool heat pump on his indoor pool in Illinois. Gary had a Focus-Temp pool heater for about 20 years of good service.

Hi Marcus,
We are thinking of having an Intex pool, filter, pump, and heater in a new location. I'm not sure it pays for us to dismantle (which needs to be done anyway) and set up somewhere else rather than just buy a new one. But I am sure it pays to move your heater (which we love) as well as the pump and filter. Anyway, we are so happy with the heater, we thought we'd reach out and seek your counsel, and with your website, see how else we might be helped by your product offerings.
Thank you,
FYI: After the start-up, 63/64 F was temp 2 hours ago and already up to 68/70. So, yes, it’s heating to preset (electrician told me preset is 79), which, if it’s 79, would be perfect.

October 27th 2023
Jacob’s HydroRoyal pool heat pump in Huntsville, Alabama Home of The Crimson Tide
Hi Marcus. Heater up and running! Thanks for the military discount. I have included a video.
Great install Jacob. Enjoy your warm pool. Thank you for your service.
Best, Marcus

Albert in NY says:
This week, I will close the pool for the winter. The HYDRO ROYAL heater extended my season by one month and will start the 2024 season one month earlier than previously possible. From 3.5 months to 5 month's use; that's an increase of about 40%. Terrific! Thank you.
That made me very happy to hear. Super clean install Albert. Good job. I am proud of you.
Best, Marcus Miller 10/25/2023

Donna, in the Bronx New York October 2023
Good work Donna. Happy that you love your Nirvana 85,000 Btu pool heat pump.

September 29th 2023
I've been thinking of you as I've got my Hydroroyal pool heat pump running for a couple of hours each morning so I can swim in 87-degree water each day probably until mid-October. That is one of the best features I've purchased for my pool. I have a solar cover to put on the pool each night.
A friend of mine ask about mine and I gave her your name. She may be calling you.
Hope all is well for you these days!!
Thx again for being such a big help to me the 2 times I've needed a pool heater. You always get a high recommendation from me!!
Luanne Enterprise, AL

Great geothermal job Hank. That looks like the cleanest install in California.

We are here for you.
Best, Marcus Miller President Green Planet Supply

Russ in Idaho with his 6-ton Dual Air Geothermal heat pump.
Hi, Marcus! My system is up and running! Thank you so much for your help and support!!!

Russ Good clean job Russ.
Have a great season. Best, Marcus

Hi Jill: Thank you for sending some photos. Great piping job on your Hydroroyal HR150 for your swimming pool heat pump for your indoor pool in Washington State.
I hope that you have a great season.
Best, Marcus Miller

Clean looking job on your Hydro Royal HR125RA David.
Your Massachusetts fall swimming will be warm.

Mike in Delaware 05/30/2023
Hi Marcus!

Just wanted to let you know that the new Aqua Comfort ACT 1500 heater was delivered last Tuesday. I had my local pool guy come out last Wednesday and did the plumbing connections at a very reasonable price.

The electrician was out today and wired the unit. It was a little more expensive than anticipated to connect as the wiring needed to be upgraded to 6 Guage wire from the breaker to the heater unit according to Delaware Code. I also had to replace a power relay switch that required upgrade to match the new 50 Amp circuit breaker. The relay switch controls power to the heater via a connection to my pool pump timer clock.
That said, the heater is up and running and is definitely giving me warmer water output.

I'm very happy with the unit so far and hope to get as many years service from it as I did with my last Aqua Comfort unit. Controls are very intuitive and was easy to set my desired temperature.

I am also very happy with the way the sale was handled and the prompt delivery of the new unit. Thank you for your help in assisting me in my purchase! Your product knowledge really made the decision process easy.

Please feel free to post this as a positive review on your web page.

Thank you again for the excellent service!

Mike H.

Great clean install in a tight place Scott. Have a great season in the Baltimore Maryland area.

Mark in Florida replaced his 18-year-old Canadian Turcotte pool heat pump with a new Hydroroyal pool heat pump.
Great Job Mark

Bryan's Hydroroyal pool heat pump HR125 RA in Minnesota.

"Great clean looking Installation Bryon. Good job. This is your second heat pump from me in 20 years."

Best, Marcus

Hi Marc,

Just to let you know the heat pump arrived this am with no apparent damage. Thank you for your previous info. on that operation.

Also , I received the heat pump plastic cover yesterday. Looking forward now to getting in the pool and it will be ready and heated by the time my son arrives for his twice yearly visit.

I wrote you a thank you note for all your detailed help the other day. Will be happy to make a recommendation to others, if you would point me in the right direction for that.

Have a good day!

Nate in Arizona:
Great job Nate. Enjoy your tropical water.

HR125RA heat only
Christopher in the Florida Panhandle
February 2, 2023
62F outside and pool temp 85F

Mark in North Carolina

Hi Marcus,
I Got everything hooked up yesterday., It went great, and was pretty painless! Thank You again for your help.

Anthony in Atlanta Georgia with Hydroroyal HR125 heat and cool.

January 2023:
Anthony in Atlanta GA says: 

Hi Marcus:
Just want to wish you and everyone a merry Christmas and happy New Year and thanks again. We had 5 days of below 20F one day of 5F and on Thursday 3 days afterwards we were swimming with water temperatures of 85F.

This is a clean installation from Nick in Louisianna. He has the big Gulfstream HE150RA heat and cool model that is also great for low outside temperatures below 50 degrees. What a clean install. Good job Nick. Let me know if you are swimming in January.
Best, Marcus

From Ron in the cold part of Eastern Washington who is still heating the pool almost to November.
What the heck did I wait for, this new heat pump is awesome on first reaction! Love the WiFi and it is soooooo quiet compared to my last one. Send me a link for a review I want to give y’all a shout for awesome customer service every step of the way.

Leighton in Louisiana Hydroroyal HR110
Nice piping job Leighton. You made me proud. Best, Marcus

Dear Marcus,
I had your card on my computer desk and thought I’d write and let you know that I’m one of your happiest customers! The heater I purchased last year is wonderful and allows my swimming experience in AL to be a real joy! I have the thermostat set and 87 and I never have to worry about adjusting to a cold pool as I begin my routine. I’ll will only be swimming for another few weeks as it will soon be too cool to get out of the pool even though the water temp will feel perfect.
My friends also enjoy the pleasant temperature of the pool. We’re just old enough to appreciate a nice warm pool. I swim everyday even though I have to sometimes I have to work around a rain shower. At my spry age of 73 I love to be able to move so many body parts in the different stokes and using my water weights to get a very good workout! Needless to say I wouldn’t be so happy to get into the pool if it weren’t for that heater I purchased from you. I also have a solar cover I put on at night to keep the heat in. I rarely travel much in the summer as I don’t want to miss my swim time in my own pool.
I hope you’re doing well. You never know I might just live long enough to need another heater before departing this world.
Take care. I hope your business is thriving. You’ve been great to work with over the years. You were my very first online purchase way back when. I was impressed with your knowledge and excellent customer service. Good folks are not easily found these days in the business world. You are one of the good ones!
Enjoy all life has to offer and lets pray for better times to come!
Sincerely, Luanne

Dear Luanne: Wow, thank you so much. It is so great to receive your letter after a challenging week visiting factories and experiencing 9 hours of jet lag, you reminded me why I do this. You made me very happy tonight. I hope to send the 3rd heat pump from me when you turn 93 years young.
Best, Marcus

James on Long Island New York Hydroroyal HR110
I did the install myself? Thanks again. Works great 👍🏼 James
Great job James. I love the clean piping. Have a great season. Marcus Miller

Xuan’s Hydroroyal HR150 in California

David in Oregon Hydro Royal HR125
Up and running. Did the plumbing myself. Hope it lasts like my old Jandy. Thanks, Marcus
Great clean piping job David. I hope that you have a great season. Best, Marcus Miller

Robert in Connecticut Aquacomfort ACT1100
Marc, Just wanted to let you know that my wife and I are extremely delighted with the heat pump. We are so glad we went with you and your company. The entire process was flawless. I was somewhat skeptical in the beginning because the price was much lower than other companies I researched. Also, you were in the state of Washington which is pretty far from Connecticut. However, after talking with you and seeing the delivery person rolling up to my house I was thrilled. Our pool is at 86 degrees and holding. The secret is making sure it is covered during chilly weather. So, I thank you for your assurance that I was making the right decision. And, the fact you were never pushy in your sales pitch. I wish you only the best as you continue selling your your product. I certainly will recommend you to everyone who is in need of your product. Sincerely, Bob and Karen A.

Joe in Maryland with Hydro Royal HR110

Steve in Lynnwood Washington - Got it installed and wired up. Took only 2-3 days to add 25 degrees to the pool. Was 60 now 85 and holding.

Mark in Illinois HR125 Hydroroyal

Robert in Long Island,NY with Hyd Roroyal HR150 - It is up and running . Thank you for your support.

DualAir 4 ton geothermal. Installed by Jerrad in Nebraska running 2 weeks after placing order. Saved $13,000.00 by doing it himself.

Robert in Massachusetts - Sunday 05/22/2022 Aquacomfort ACT1100 Pool was 59F on Friday morning. Would not be happening without your heater Marcus.

Much obliged!

Dear Marcus,

I just want to take a minute to thank you for your superior customer service! I am so grateful that we found you regarding a new pool heater because we were struggling to find one for the last two years. We cannot thank you enough for all the support that you have provided from the very beginning all the way through the electrical work and troubleshooting. I am pleased to say that it is up and running very well now! You are incredibly responsive at all hours of the day and night.

Thank you so very much!



Hydro Royal HR150 in Massachusetts 05/22/2022

Tim in Rhode Island Gulfstream HE125 “Nice clean install Tim. Good work”


Great job Paul. Very clean install and a beautiful pool. I like the touch of insulation on the pipes on Hydroroyal HR110.


Thank you Barry from Virginia.


Successful Hydro Royal installation by Rob from Kentucky.


Successful Hydro Royal installation by Steve from North Carolina.


Tim in Florida with a great piping job.


Successful Geothermal Pool Heat Pump Installation

Great job Alan heating your indoor pool with a geothermal heatpump in PA.

Geothermal Pool Heat Pump

Geothermal Pool Heat Pump


Customer Testimonial - New Aquacomfort


Customer Testimonial - New Hydro Royal Installation

Thank you Tara for your testimonial video of your Hydro Royal installation in West Virginia.

Customer Testimonial - New Hydro Royal Installation

Thank you Duane for your testimonial video of your Hydro Royal installation in California.


Customer Testimonial - New Hydro Royal Installation

Another installation example of a Hydro Royal pool heat pump in Alabama.
Thank you Dottie for the video.


Customer Testimonial - New Heat Siphon Installation

Customer Testimonial - New Hydro Royal Installation

Successful Hydro Royal Installation

Thank you Javier for sharing your pool heat pump pictures with us. Javier received a Hydro Royal pool heat pump. He is located in NY.

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NY Testimonial
NY Testimonial
NY Testimonial
NY Testimonial



Another Successful Heat Siphon Installation

Heat Siphon Z575 new installation in Memphis Tennessee. Heat pumps has been running since the beginning of March in a cold weather state.

Hydro Royal Swimming Pool Heat Pump
Video of pool heat pump review testimonial from one of our dealers in Florida. The unit filmed is model HR110 with 110,00 BTU's with a 6.4 COP on 80/80/80 lab results. This is one of our most popular models. Very suitable for ocean front weather, Hydro Royal heat pumps have a national warranty of 5 years parts, 2 years labor and lifetime in the heat exchanger. Compared to other pool heat pump brands this is the best national warranty available in the USA. Please contact us at 1 888 205 7766 or visit us at hydroroyal.com for more information.


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