Best Pool Heat Pump Features to Get

Best Pool Heat Pump Features to Get


The most important feature is the size of the heat pump. Most manufacturers have a range of BTU's from 50,000 to 140,000 plus. If you choose a heat pump that is small in capacity you might be disappointed with the pool water temperature recovery time after some bad weather, or the longer running time required to get your swimming pool water up to temperature. Also if you have an spillover spa you will want the highest BTU heat pump that you can get, so that your wait for the spa to get up to tropical temperature is reasonable.

You want the best. We can help educate you on what to look for.

Company reputation? 
The warranty is worthless if the company disappears. We can suggest who is most likely to stick around based on their reputation, quality of the heat pump and their time in the trade. Not an exact science, as I never would have thought Sears would be in trouble, but we have a good idea. 

Titanium heat Exchanger
You definitely want a titanium heat exchanger. Then, no matter what you do to your water PH, you shouldn't have any damage or corrosion to worry about. Most titanium heat exchangers have lifetime warranties, except if you let water freeze in it over the winter. The manufacturers don't like that and even your best friends won't talk to you after that happens.  

Dual Thermostat
If you have a spillover spa attached to the pool you might also want a heat pump with two thermostats so that you can keep your favorite settings. 

A Back Up To Your Solar System 
Do you have solar panels on your roof to heat the pool? Most solar installation even in Florida will not keep the pool up to temperature all season. Some of my favorite set ups are a heat pump with solar backing it up. Then when the sun is not shining you have the heat pump kick in to maintain the water at just the right temperature. Some heat pumps have a feature in the control board to manage that type of set up so you get the most efficiency out of it. I know which ones have it.

Time Clock Override
Some people need a time clock override. That feature will turn your pool heater on at 3 am if it feels that the pool dropped in temperature overnight. Then when you go for your 6 am swim, the pool will be up to temperature. 

Quiet Operation Design
Some heat pumps are quieter than others. If you set your heat pump under your bedroom window you might want to ask us which ones are under 60 decibels. You don't want a jet engine waking you up. There is no snooze alarm yet for heat pumps.

Thermostat Lock
You might want a way to lock the temperature on the thermostat so that everyone at the condo doesn't feel that they can set the pool at 104 degrees on a 100 degree day in Arizona. 

Heat & Cool Feature
That brings up the cooling option. You might want to get a heat and cool heat pump for when the pool gets too hot. 
Many people also get a heat and cool heat pump in cold weather states because most will also allow the unit to keep heating at colder outdoor air temperatures because they can defrost themselves. Some down into the 30's F. Ask us which ones.
Some give you the choice of a digital thermostat or an old school rotary analog one. Some people think the simple analog one is more reliable. Every engineer that I know will not agree with that statement. But I have a 20 year old analog one still heating near the ocean that has never been serviced...................The model is still available new too.

Titanium Treatment
Some dip their heat exchangers so they will hold up better in salt environments near the oceans or hazardous waste dumps. 
We know which ones hold up the best. 

Pipe Layout for easier Service and Install
Some connect the pipes in the back and some in the front. That makes a difference on some installations. 

Some are different colors. I put that one last on the list.

Any questions please feel free to call or email us. We love to help.

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